Zelda Breath of the Wild: a glitch makes it a first-person game


Didn’t many dream of a Zelda “a la Skyrim? Perfect, well congratulations. It turns out that there is something similar: although the Modders had already created first-person cameras to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a player has managed to find a bug that would allow us, supposedly, to see Hyrule from a very different perspective than we are used to.

As reported by the Kotaku medium, the Twitter user A.xk has come up with a button configuration that would trigger a first-person camera. Take a look at this, which comes from A.xK’s YouTube channel:


He even instructs us to take advantage of the glitch ourselves. If you want to see more, YouTuber Peco has also managed to recreate the failure, in case you want to see more material in first person mode (forced).


Will Nintendo fix the bug in the future with a patch? You better watch the video and take advantage of it before they take it down.

The sequel to Breath of the Wild was announced at E3 2019, but we’ve heard very little about it since. The game began development because the Breath of the Wild team had “too many ideas” for downloadable content and was inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2. During the February 2021 Nintendo Direct, director Eiji Aounuma said there will be more news. about the long-awaited sequel will arrive later this year.

New to the series for this special 35th anniversary year also includes the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, a revision of the original Wii title from 2011, which will arrive a decade later on Nintendo Switch.

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