Zelda: Skyward Sword will improve its controls on Switch


Do you remember the day that Miyamoto hit a dog because in the middle of the E3 show, the detection of the Wii remote worked badly with Zelda? Today is a great day to look back on those events, which marked history almost as much as the presentation scene of the compatibility of PSX games on PSP with the mythical “Ridge Racer!” to which no one responded. And it is that after the years, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword On Switch, you will benefit from the motion detection enhancements of the current Great N machine.

Yes, years have passed, and what less than being able to play in conditions, much better than what we could do at the time with the WiiMotion Plus, which they claimed improved detection in terms of speed and response, eliminating experiences such as Twilight Princess or fateful sword fights with those of the late Red Steel (although the second didn’t turn out badly at all). Yes, in addition, now we can play with normal control, without resorting to movement, and it is not uncommon to think that it will be the main option for many users, eager to enjoy a somewhat more classic experience.

If we resort to the aforementioned movement, they will be more fluid and intuitive controls (they say in Nintendo), look at the promising tweet:

That’s right, now everything will work better, something more than acceptable, as echoed in the Gamingbolt medium, among others.

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Have they implemented a detection so interesting that we consider not using the classic control system? There is less to discover.