Zendaya As Well As Tom Holland Join Forces For A School Event In Oakland


Zendaya As Well As Tom Holland Join Forces For A School Event In Oakland:

According to the “Euphoria” star’s Instagram page, she and Tom Holland made another sneaky trip return to her hometown of Oakland for a school event.

The couple is known for their parts within the most recent live-action “Spider-Man” series. On Friday, August 25, they worked with the basketball-themed organizations Hoops as well as Project Backboard to clean up the field at West Oakland Middle School.

On August 25, the two were together at a community hoops event put on by the groups Hoops and Project Blackboard and the clothing brand Oaklandish.

Elvin Rodriguez From Netflix’s “Hustle” As Well As Sam Diaz From The Harlem Globetrotters Were Also At The Event:

Video from the event, which took place at a local elementary school, shows Zendaya wearing a sky blue over-shirt over a white top and light brown pants.

In a video that went viral online, Zendaya told a few shocked kids, “I hope you all have a great day today.” “I just wanted to say hello to everyone, see your lovely faces, and wish you all a good time.”

Elvin Rodriguez from Netflix’s “Hustle” as well as Sam Diaz from the Harlem Globetrotters were also there. Zendaya quickly said no as she was asked if she was interested in basketball.

Zendaya Posted A Photo Of Tom And A Glimpse Of Her Day Upon Her Instagram Story:

“I’m not going to be playing basketball because I haven’t played since I was your age,” the 26-year-old Elle cover girl told the kids in the room. “I’m not going to do that because I could, you know, twist my ankle.”

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On her Instagram Story, the star from the movie “Euphoria” posted a picture of Tom playing a basketball while wearing a black Oakland Roots Sports Club t-shirt.

This gave people a glimpse into her day. Hoopbus share a video of Zendaya arriving for the day and being met by excited kids.

Tom Tried To Figure Out How To Spin A Ball On His Finger:

“I just came to say hello as well as see all of your lovely faces, as well as let’s have an awesome time having basketball,” Zendaya stated within a Project Blackboard video while Tom stood nearby. “I’m not going to take up basketball because the last time I did was when I was your age.”

But that didn’t stop her from helping Rodriguez make a layup while Holland, who was wearing a T-shirt for the Oakland Roots soccer team, tried to teach Diaz how to turn a basketball upon his finger.

Tom, who played Spider-Man, was caught on camera spinning a basketball upon one finger. He said, “I am feeling like a lucky child during the game,” while Zendaya laughed in the background.

The Goal Of Project Backboard Is To Bring New Life To Basketball Courts With Colorful Artwork:

She gave her brown bob, which was about as long as her neck, a full blowout and wore very little makeup to show off her natural beauty.

The actor from Uncharted, who she began dating after working with him in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, wore an Oaklandish ‘Oakland Roots’ black T-shirt.

Zendaya wore a long brown sweater on top of a white T-shirt as well as tan pants. She also carried a Louis Vuitton bag with her initials on it. Tom wore a white t-shirt, a blue sweater, black pants, and white shoes.

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The Hoopbus, which is a rebuilt yellow school bus, travels across the country to talk about diversity and equality through basketball, while Project Backboard concentrates on putting colorful artwork on basketball fields to make them more exciting.

Zendaya Has Also Been To Fruitvale Elementary School In The Past:

Since their relationship became known to the public in 2021, the couple has rarely been seen together in public. Within an interview alongside ELLE that came out this week, Zendaya talked about their relationship in a way that most people don’t know.

This wasn’t the first occasion that the couple had been to a school in the East Bay. Last year, they went to Zendaya’s old school, Oakland School for the Arts, and in 2019, they gave out school supplies at Global Family Elementary School. Zendaya has also been to Fruitvale Elementary School, where her mom, Claire Stoermer, used to work as a teacher.

Warner Bros. also said on Thursday that the theatrical debut of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune: Part Two,” which features she and Timothée Chalamet star, will be moved from November to next year.

This is because actors and screenwriters are still on strike. During the strike, SAG-AFTRA urged its members not to support movies made by studios.

Tom Put Up An Image Of Zendaya On Instagram With A Message. “I Thought I’d Show You The Picture That Might Be The Sexiest One That Was Taken Of Me”:

Tom showed off this beauty on Instagram as a joke on his 27th birthday, saying, “A gift from me to you. I thought I’d show you what could be the best picture of me ever taken! Zendaya liked it so much that she responded by using the heart-eye emoji.

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At the opening of Spider-Man: No Way Home within Los Angeles, the actress wore a handmade Valentino dress, and Tom wore a Prada suit.

Both of them stood for pictures. Tom and Zendaya talk about Spider-Man: No Way Home at a SiriusXM Radio Town Hall alongside the cast in New York City.

“There was a real change after the last Spider-Man movie and the last season of ‘Euphoria,'” she said. “I know that parts of my existence will be seen by the public.

I can’t not be an individual, live my existence, and cherish the individual who I love at the same time. But I additionally possess the power to decide what I share.

It’s about keeping the peace as well as letting things be their own, yet not being ashamed to exist. You can’t run away. That’s also not fun. I’m getting better at it than ever.”