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Zidane exploded after playing in the middle of the snowstorm that shakes Spain and raised his fear: “We do not know when we will return”

This is how Real Madrid traveled from the hotel to the Osasuna stadium

“Let’s avoid displacement and follow the indications of the emergency services. Let us be extremely careful in the face of the storm Filomena ”, requested the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez in the middle of the snow storm that punishes that country during the last hours and that left a balance of at least three dead. In that context, Real Madrid traveled more than 300 kilometers to face Osasuna as a visitor at El Sadar Stadium.

The 0-0 score that took him away from the top of the championship seemed to be an anecdote for the coach Zinedine Zidane, who exploded in fury for having played the match in the face of the complex meteorological situation that plagues the country. The Frenchman assured that they took the trip “badly” and warned: “We played the game because they told us to play the game, but in the end in this condition we have seen what we have seen. It was not a football game. We play and that’s it. Now it is part of the past. We are going to think because we do not know now what we are going to do: if we stay here, we do not know if we are going to travel tomorrow or Monday. What we have to think about is recovering and thinking about Wednesday’s game. “

Enraged, he did not hide the fear that now keeps the delegation of the Merengue, which must rejoin the more than 350 kilometers that separate the stadium located in Pamplona and Madrid. Previously, the players spent around three hours on top of the plane at Barajas airport until it could take off. According to the local newspaper 20minutos, was the only flight to leave that airport.

Zinedine Zidane was very angry after the draw with Osasuna (Photo: Reuters)
Zinedine Zidane was very angry after the draw with Osasuna (Photo: Reuters)

“They are not excuses. All the world wants to see is a soccer match and today the conditions were not for a good soccer match. It is everyone’s feeling. Nor the complaints of staying on the plane for three hours, not that. It’s the football game. For me, the conditions were not for a good football match, “he said, taking into account that the snow hit Pamplona during the entire previous match and there was even an agreement between the leaderships to continue it on Sunday if the snow forced him to stop in the middle of the action.

“We did what we could do on the field, but it wasn’t a football match. In the end the conditions were very difficult and that’s it. I tell you the feeling we have after this game with everything that has happened in the two days. We do not know when we will return. If tomorrow or the day after, in the end are complicated conditions“He added about his great concern.

The assistants prepared the Osasuna stadium hours before the match (Photo: Reuters)
The assistants prepared the Osasuna stadium hours before the match (Photo: Reuters)

But the coach was not the only one who expressed his absolute anger at what happened. Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was even more critical than the French coach: “They forced us to take off in a frozen airport, we can’t go back today and maybe not tomorrow when we have to play in Malaga on Thursday. They have to think that footballers are human beings, not a show. We have come to the stadium with the road full of snow. You have to look out for the safety of the people. We also have families ”. And he added along the same lines: “We do what they ask of us. We know that if we don’t come we will lose all three points, but you just have to see how the roads or airports are. We also have families and we are not puppets who always have to play”.

As explained by the Spanish Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the storm called “Filomena” is one of the most shocking weather events of the last half century in that country: “We are facing the most intense storm in the last 50 years”. The authorities declared the red alert in five regions –Among them Madrid– so the land, rail and air routes were cut by the violent snow storms that have hit a large part of the country since Friday afternoon.

One of the shocking images left by the snowstorm in Madrid this Saturday (Photo: AP)
One of the shocking images left by the snowstorm in Madrid this Saturday (Photo: AP)

Regardless of all this, the goalless draw left the Real Madrid located in the second position with 37 units, behind Atlético de Madrid (38). However, Diego Simeone’s team has three games less than his three immediate pursuers: Barcelona (34) and Villarreal (32) also played 18 rounds when the Mattress he barely played 15.


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