Zinedine Zidane exploded at a press conference when asked about the future of Sergio Ramos

Zidane’s anger when consulted by Sergio Ramos

The most compelling novel of the Spanish capital continues: the future of Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid. Since the beginning of January the captain merengue is free to negotiate with whoever he wants. With the pass in his possession, he is available to listen to offers from other clubs or even accept a renewal, but his silence, like that of Lionel Messi with Barcelona, ​​continues to raise questions.

So much so that, in the run-up to the match against Real Sociedad for the twenty-fifth date of the league, Zinedine Zidane was upset upon hearing a question again about what will happen to the white referent.

“Two months have passed since Ramos is free. Doesn’t it seem strange to you that they haven’t reached an agreement with Madrid yet? “, a journalist consulted him.

The merengue captain is free to negotiate with whoever he wants to go out in June (Reuters)
The merengue captain is free to negotiate with whoever he wants to go out in June (Reuters)

“They always ask me the same thing … it’s impressive, male”exclaimed the Frenchman. “What else can I tell you? I do not know. We think about tomorrow’s game and what I want…. I’m going to repeat it out of respect for your question, is that they fix themselves. Apart from that, nothing … tomorrow we have a game, “he said. Zizou, with obvious gestures of annoyance.

Despite the fact that people around Sergio Ramos like his brother and representative have spoken with some hints, the future of Spanish is still unknown. Apparently, there were meetings between the club and the footballer but they have not yet reached an agreement in terms of the number of years and the salary he would receive.

The initial proposal of the club was to offer him one year (what you usually do with players over a certain age) with a pay cut, product of the economic crisis that originated from the pandemic. Unlike, the player would like to sign for more years and a raise, understanding that it is a fundamental piece within Zidane’s scheme.

Negotiations between the club and the footballer remain open (AFP)
Negotiations between the club and the footballer remain open (AFP)

Among other issues, the technician also referred to league title options, ensuring that the competition continues open to all: “La Liga is now three, tomorrow two, then four … La Liga is open to all. The team that is ahead always has an advantage, but there are 42 points left ”.

On Real Sociedad, the rival that will be measured this Monday, the French coach praised his style and his career so far. “It is a good team in our League that is doing very well, it plays and knows how to play. It depends on what we propose in the field, we want to continue improving, but thinking that we are at home and that what we want is to continue adding, “he said.


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