Epic Games buys Rock Band authors and prepares to combine Fortnite with the music genre


This will not change Harmonix’s existing plans with the Rock Band DLC and the Rivals Seasons.


Epic Games brings out the checkbook again with another video game studio, but in this case it deviates slightly towards the musical field to announce the purchase of Harmonix, known for developing games like the iconic Rock Band or the most recent FUSER, which put us in the shoes of a DJ at a music festival.

Our team will be working with Epic to create musical and playable journeys for Fortnite.Harmonix“Now, we will work with Epic to once again challenge expectations and bring our unique brand of gaming music experiences to the Metaverso, and we could not be more excited “, reads the Harmonix statement published on its website. However, the developer does not want to create doubts among its loyal audience, so it has added a small question and answer section to the message with which clarifies that there will be no changes to the games released so far.

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As such, Rock Band will continue to receive their next DLC, the Rivals Seasons will continue to run, FUSER events will continue smoothly, and the titles will continue to be available on Steam and consoles. However, this acquisition opens a new path to Harmonix to partner with Fortnite, game they will work on now: “Our team is going to work with Epic to create musical and playable trips for Fortnite. Although we are not prepared to share anything specifics, the entire team is incredibly excited to get started. “

In this way, it is clear that Epic Games is looking for new ways to entertain with Fortnite and considers that the music it is one of the most viable ways. But, added to this, it should be remembered that the company has already shown interest in the world of developers, since last month they partnered with two independent studios to publish new games. As for Harmonix, there is no doubt that they will continue to provide new musical experiences to its audience, both with its incorporation with Fortnite and with games already launched. In this regard, they have ensured that Rock Band 4 peripherals work on PS5 and Xbox Series to ensure big concerts in the new generation.

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