From Thursday (February 16), Lidl will be putting these cool offers in the stores


From Thursday (16.2.) are the next offers in the markets. Including Meggle Feine Butter/ Spreadable for 1,99 Euro*.

Other highlights:

  • Barcardi
    for 1.79 instead of 2.79 euros (RRP)* (- 35%)
  • Milka chocolate large bar
    for 2.22 instead of 3.45 euros (RRP)* (-35%)
  • Dr. Oetker Intermezzo
    for 1.99 instead of 2.39 euros (RRP)* (-16%)
  • Nesquik Kakaogetränkepulver
    for 1.79 instead of 2.99 euros (RRP)* (-40%)
  • Volvic Touch & Tee
    for 1.19 instead of 1.79 euros* (-33%)

There are even more offers here.

On Tuesday (14.2.) there’s Langnese Cremissimo for 1,79 Euro* – with the Lidl app you only pay 1,65 Euro* and thus saves 58 percent!

Other highlights:

  • Wagner stone oven pizza/ original tarte flambée (2x each)
    for 3.38 instead of 6.78 euros (RRP)* (- 50%)
  • Citizen Maultaschen
    for 1.29 instead of 2.19 euros* (-41%)
  • Alesto Selection Paranusskerne
    for 2.09 instead of 2.99 euros* (-30%)
  • Trump Schogetten
    for 0.77 instead of 1.19 euros* (- 35%)
  • Granini The Limo/ The light Limo
    for 0.99 instead of 1.69 euros (RRP)* (-41%)

There are even more offers here.

  • Filegro needle
    for 3.29 instead of 4.89 euros* (- 32%)
  • funny-fresh specialties
    for 0.99 instead of 1.89 euros (RRP)* (-47%)
  • Petrella cream cheese / cheese preparation
    for 1.29 instead of 1.99 euros (RRP)* (35%)
  • Gazi Kashkaval Cheese Schnittkäse
    for 3.99 instead of 5.99 euros (RRP)* (-33%)
  • Ehrman Almighurt
    for 0.49 instead of 0.79 euros* (- 37%)
  • Little Red Riding Hood Sparkling Wine
    for 2.99 instead of 4.49 euros* (-33%)

There are even more offers here.

With the Lidl Plus app, you won't miss any more exclusive promotions.

With the Lidl Plus app, you won’t miss any more exclusive promotions. © Lidl

Download the Lidl Plus app for free, register and save every day with many exclusive Lidl Plus promotions.

These are the advantages:

  • Extra discounts on weekly changing items
  • digital scratch cards for additional surprises after every purchase
  • Digital receipts for an optimal overview
  • the weekly brochure always digitally at hand
  • exciting advantages with selected partners
  • Notifications to never miss an action again

Also: Download the Lidl Plus appto discover much more.

*Due to limited stocks, this article may already be sold out during the first day of the offer.

1 Valid in all branches. From a total purchase value of 30 euros (excluding tobacco products, magazines, infant formula, books, deposit, CO2 cylinders, telephone and voucher cards) you will receive a 5 euro discount on the purchase value. Coupon can only be redeemed once. Cannot be combined with other euro coupons. No cash payment possible.

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