Sony announces PlayStation Tournaments for PS5, a feature that will allow players to win prizes


It was already available since 2016 on PS4, but now it will make an appearance in the new generation.

PlayStation 5

This week the CES 2022, the consumer electronics fair that is held annually and allows us to know the news of the different companies related to technology. One of them is Sony, which has mentioned the 17 different development studios working on new PlayStation Studios games, as well as subtly advancing an image of the The Last of Us remake.

Among the minor novelties that have accompanied the presentation of the company, there has also been talk of PlayStation Tournaments, a tournament feature coming soon to PlayStation 5. He has been the CEO of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, who has officially confirmed it.

It was already available on PS4This feature allows players to participate in tournaments of some games, including titles that do not have these competitions internally. It is something that was available since 2016 to make use of its virtues through PlayStation 4, but now plans its arrival to the new generation by the end of the year, allowing users the chance to win prizes if they prosper.

However, perhaps the most notable news that PlayStation has offered during CES 2022 is everything that has to do with PlayStation VR2, the virtual reality device of which we have known in detail its specifications and characteristics. The announcement was accompanied by a small preview of Horizon Call of the Mountain, the Guerrilla and Firesprite game experience that will bring Aloy’s world to VR.

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