12 Of The Best Korean Movies And Tv Shows On Hulu


12 Of The Best Korean Movies And Tv Shows On Hulu:

The Korean film business ranks as one of the largest within the world, and its stories are known for being fresh. Their television and film performances show new cultural and artistic perspectives, making them fun and interesting to watch.

Streaming services such as Hulu make Korean movies very easy for viewers to access, knowing that movie fans want to see television programs and films from other countries.

Hulu has a huge library of material from all over the world. It has a lot of Korean movies and TV shows that will make you fall in love with Korean cinema.

Hulu has rapidly grown into a great place to watch interesting Korean series, from old Hallyu favorites to brand-new shows made by Disney+ Korea. Here is a list of the intense Korean tales, heartbreaking romances, as well as hilarious rom-coms that you can watch on Hulu right now.

If You Wish Upon Me:

This show, “If You Wish Upon Me,” was created by Jo Ryeong-soo and produced through Kim Yong-wan. It’s about Yoon Gyeo-ree, a former prisoner, as well as Seo Yeon-joo, a nurse at a dying hospital where Gyeo-ree works as part of his community service.

When they first meet, they don’t like each other, but as time goes on, they slowly start to love each other. Their seriousness and quirkiness balance each other out, with the hospital working as the center.

‘If You Wish Upon Me,’ a feel-good show with romance and care, is a lovely show to watch all at once. You can watch the show here.


Ahseong High School is in a rich area of the country. It is a well-known private school, but it is also the center of many crimes and acts of corruption.

Ji Yoon-soo is a math teacher who loves her job but gets stuck within the chaos of the rich. When she meets Baek Seung-yoo, her life changes. Yoon-soo notices Seung-yoo right away because he is a smart student who isn’t getting enough attention.

The difficult past of the first person and the kindness of the second person come together in one of the nicest scenes on TV. But after Yoon-soo is caught having an unsuitable connection to a student, they don’t see each other again for four years.

They come up with a plan to find out about the school’s shady politics. It’s a family story that shows how high society, mental health, and interpersonal interactions can be complicated in a beautiful way.

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Moving is one of the most expensive Korean drama series ever made. If you like superheroes, you have to watch it. The creative show is about a group of parents who are superpowered but have normal jobs. They have given their high school-aged children their powers.

Present-day storylines also include the arrival of Frank, a mean American spy born in Korea who starts hunting them down. A lot of the current show has been about revealing the characters’ pasts as well as the shady government agents who may have helped make them.


“Hunt” is an exciting action-thriller movie that ties together three dramatic events from history. In 1983, the Rangoon Bombing was meant to kill Chun Doo-hwan, who was the fifth president of South Korea. In 1983, Lee Woong-pyung betrayed his country, and in 1980, the Gwangju Massacre happened in response to Chun Doo-hwan’s notorious coup d’état, which made him dictator.

‘Hunt’ is full of thrills, action, spies, as well as spying. The story is made more personal by featuring two South Korean soldiers who have a violent past in common. Besides Lee Jung-Jae, Jung Woo-sung, Go Yoon Jung, as well as Jeon Hye-jin are also in the movie. Join in on the fun here.

Call It Love:

Lifting weights Pretty girl In this love story with a revenge twist, Kim Bok-Joo’s Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang’s Pinnochio play the lead roles.

Sim Woo Joo was a simple woman who gets lost after her father dies because of all the bad things that happen in life. The lover of her father kicks her out of the house before she can even fully cry. She is left lost and broken.

She joins forces with the woman’s lonely son to plan a way to get back at her. Call It Love is a realistic K-drama that doesn’t use any tricks but hits home deeply with its touching moments of humanity. Fans will love to see it grow. Aside from that, seeing the two characters fall in love is still very cute.


This scary magical horror movie is written by the same person who wrote Kingdom and stars Kim Tae-ri from Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Part-time delivery person as well as driver Gu San-yeong works hard and moves around Seoul without being seen.

The death of her magical researcher father gave San Yeong an evil spirit that takes over souls as well as feeds on anger. Pretty soon, individuals surrounding her start killing themselves in sudden and strange ways.

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Yeom Hae-sang, a magical professor, tries to help San-yeong get rid of the spirit that has been causing trouble for decades while she deals with the chaos.

Big Mouth:

The courtroom crime drama “Big Mouth” was made by Jang Young-chul as well as Jung Kyung-soon. It tells the lives of two people: Park Chang Ho, a bad lawyer, and Big Mouse, a known thief.

When Chang Ho is asked by the mayor to help with the defense of a murder case, he is drawn into a world of crime as well as plots, with Big Mouse playing a key role.

This thrilling crime story stars Kwak Dong-yeon to be Park Chang Ho, Kim Joo-hun, and Lee Jong-suk to be Park Chang Ho. This is where you are able to view the show.

Blade Of The Immortal:

The Korean film business has made some of the most exciting samurai action movies in the past. Blade of the Immortal was a great movie with great fight scenes and an interesting plot. It was directed through Takashi Miike as well as stars Takuya Kimura as well as Hana Sugisaki.

It’s about Manji, a skilled fighter who is taking his last breaths when an 800-year-old witch curses him to live forever. He forms an odd bond alongside Rin Asano, a young woman who also wants to get revenge for her losses, because he can’t stop thinking about how his sister died.

This manga version does an amazing job of staying true to the original story. It was filmed in beautiful Asian locations and is full of intense action scenes. The movie adds a new, female point of view to the fight scenes, which is always fun to see in an action movie.


This scary movie from director Takashi Miike stars Jung Hae-in as well as Go Kyung-pyo. It might be too scary for some people. Dong-soo was “Connect,” a person who can live forever and whose body can heal itself when it gets hurt.

So, when organ thieves attack, he wakes up on the operating table as well as fights his way out.

During the fight, Dong-soo can only get one eye back; the other eye is given to the serial killer Jin-seob. Then, the two are linked when Dong-soo gets into trouble alongside Officer Choi because he can’t stop seeing Jin-seob’s murders.

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A broker isn’t always someone who buys and sells goods and homes. The story of Ha Sang-hyun as well as Dong-soo is told in this movie directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. They steal and sell babies that are left in the church’s baby box to make money.

Moon So-young, the mother, comes back after leaving her baby and helps them in their plan to sell the baby to new parents. She does this to make sure that the married couple deserves her child.

At the same time, two officers are determined to find the middlemen and arrest them. Here is where you can watch the show.



Heyokazu Kore-eda, the famous director of “Our Little Sister” and “Shoplifters,” made another amazing and sad movie in 2022. Broker is a movie that will change the way you think about what family means.

It’s about a woman who isn’t sure if she wants to raise her young child. She puts her baby within a “baby box” where kids can be turned in without being seen when she finds out about a plan.

The Parasite’s Song As a “broker,” Kang Ho sells these babies without permission. The new “package” they got is IU as a young girl called So-young. The brokers started to care for her like she was their own as they worked on finding her a home.

Even though the movie is about the serious issue of child trafficking, Kore-eda cleverly leads it toward family alongside the help of characters who don’t seem like they belong together. This strange story will make you think about what is acceptable and unacceptable with its touching conversation and tender moments.

Descendants Of The Sun:

Now is the time to watch the drama that made Song Joong-ki as well as Song Hye-kyo famous as Hallyu stars. You may only know them from more recent shows such as Vincenzo, Reborn Rich, as well as The Glory.

The medical/military story is about Dr. Kang Mo-yun’s medical team and Captain Yoo Shi-jin of the special forces, who are stationed within the made-up war-torn country of Uruk.

As they fall in love as well as Yoo’s tasks get more dangerous, Kang has to decide if she wants to risk losing Yoo and her heart.