15 Of The Best Disaster Movies You Can Watch Right Now


15 Of The Best Disaster Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

People have always been interested in crisis movies, whether they’re about natural disasters, diseases, or monsters causing havoc. Some of our biggest fears come to life through the figures on screen, leaving us to wonder, “What would I do in this situation?”

When we watch the best disaster movies, they make us think about the world we live in as well as the terrible things that happen because people are too proud and don’t realize how fragile things like buildings and the social contracts that hold society together are.

An approaching disaster or cataclysmic event is used as a story device in this genre to explore a number of complicated relationships or themes between people. “Disaster movie” is a term that usually makes people think of action or drama movies, but any kind of movie can fit into this group.

These movies have won awards and become cult classics. Some are romantic, some are sci-fi, and some are even incredibly funny. A lot of people have strong opinions about disaster movies, and many of them have done poorly at the box office as well as reviewers.


A movie called “Non-Stop” was directed through Jaume Collet-Serra. It’s about Bill Marks, a drunk former NYPD cop who is now a Federal Air Marshal on an international trip that has been stolen.

Marks has to send the kidnapper the money for the ransom while also trying to keep the passengers from being killed one by one.

The plane that has been taken over was a disaster awaiting resolution, and the lives of hundreds of people are in danger. The story also has a sense of approaching doom because it is hard to figure out who the killer is.


James Cameron’s Titanic is based upon the real-life passenger ship that sank when it hit an iceberg in 1912. It is one of the most beautiful and sad disaster movies ever made.

At its core, the movie is a love story, with Leonardo DiCaprio as well as Kate Winslet playing lovers who end up together in death. However, it also shows how scared and horrified the passengers were, as well as how quietly and honorably the crew and musicians were as the ship went down.

Titanic was the most successful movie of all time for more than ten years and won 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Read about these people who lived through the Titanic as well as what occurred to them after you see the movie.


The science fiction movie “Gravity,” which won an Academy Award in 2013, was directed by Alfonso Cuarón. Two American scientists are stuck in space shortly after their space shuttle breaks down in the middle of a trip.

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The two people’s battles to stay alive in space and get back to Earth make for an interesting and moving story. The movie takes place in space, which gives disaster movies a new twist. Sandra Bullock as well as George Clooney’s strong acting is the cherry on top.

The Poseidon Adventure:

Before Titanic, there was The Poseidon Adventure, a famous disaster movie about a made-up luxury ship that sinks when it is hit by a wave. In the movie, Gene Hackman plays a strange and cynical minister who has to help his fellow passengers get off the upside-down ship before it ends.

The movie has some pretty cool effects and tense scenes, but the moral lessons are a bit over the top. There were nine Academy Award nominations for The Poseidon Adventure as well as four Golden Globe Award nominees. It has since become a cult favorite.

Runaway Train:

“Runaway Train,” directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, is a story about two prisoners who get away and end up on a fast-moving train in snowy Alaska.

Because of an accident that almost makes it impossible to stop the train, they have to work together with the female assistant engine driver to protect themselves and the other people on board.

Runaway Train is one of the best disaster movies ever made. It was based upon a story by the famous director Akira Kurosawa.


“Gentlemen and ladies, this is your stewardess…” We’re sorry for any trouble the sudden moving in the cabin may have caused. There’s no need to be worried; this is just because we sometimes ran into air gaps. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Also, does anyone on board know how to fly an airplane?”

This disaster comedy is a parody of disaster movies from the 1970s. It imagines what would occur if both pilots got food poisoning and couldn’t fly, leaving a man who is afraid of flying to save the day.

The strange company and funny but silly one-liners keep Airplane! still funny and easy to quote. Get ready to laugh out loud, and while you’re at it, don’t miss these other 1980s movies.


Geostorm was a science fiction disaster movie that was directed by Dean Devlin. It’s about a satellite creator named Jacob “Jake” Lawson who has to work quickly to safeguard the world from a dangerous storm caused by satellites that mess up and control the weather.

There have been disaster movies before with storms as a threat, but the bond between Jake and his daughter Hannah adds an emotional layer to the fast-paced, action-packed story. Even though some reviews were bad, true fans of the theme will still enjoy “Geostorm.”

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This Is The End:

There aren’t many comedy disaster films on this list, which makes sense given the type of movie. On the other hand, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen In the movie This Is the End, actors James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, as well as Craig Robinson play made-up versions of themselves who are facing the end of the world.

The movie is funny and loud. It has some rude and bro-y humor, but it also has some smart pop-culture references, as well as the scenes are silly in a good way. Now, see these other fresh funny movies.


In “Twister,” Dr. Joanne “Jo” Harding as well as her husband, Dr. William “Bill” Harding, use what they know to stop storms that are going to destroy Oklahoma. This movie, which was directed through Jan de Bont, has all the elements of a great disaster movie and some of the best pictures of the decade in this genre.

But it stands out by showing how realistic the connection between the pair in the story who are getting a divorce is. So, the “tornado” is a good way to describe how volatile the couple’s relationship is.

The Mist:

This movie based on a Stephen King short story might be better known to be a horror movie, but it has everything that makes a great disaster movie. something that can’t be stopped and destroys everything in its way? Yes, check.

The failure of rescue teams to take the right precautions Yes, check. People’s everyday lives are in danger. Yes, check. This cult classic is based on 1950s creature movies like “Them!” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Its magical premise is used to explore the darkest parts of human nature. You should see this scary movie from the early 2000s. for an even scarier experience, watch the film in black and white.

Deep Impact:

“Deep Impact,” which was directed by Mimi Leder, was a science fiction disaster movie. It shows how the US is getting ready to protect its people from a dangerous comet that is going to hit the earth and wipe out most of the living things on it.

A brave group of pilots sets out on a one-way journey to destroy the comet before it hits the earth’s surface at the same time. The story has two sides, which lets the movie explore action as well as survival themes in creative ways, making for a unique visual experience.


Roland Emmerich’s “Master of Disaster” is a crazy disaster movie regarding a Mayan text that says the world will come to an end in 2012. In the movie, John Cusack plays a dad who is trying to keep his kids safe as the world falls apart around them.

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Chiwetel Ejiofor and Donald Glover were both up for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor within a Motion Picture. See this movie for the amazing special effects as well as heart-pounding visual show.

There’s a good chance that the things that happen in this movie will never actually happen. But if you’re up for some science fiction movies that aren’t based on facts, check them out.

The Happening:

Many people think of “The Happening” as M. Night Shyamalan’s try at a disaster movie, and Mark Wahlberg plays the major part. The movie is about an unnatural accident that makes a lot of people kill themselves.

In the meantime, Elliot Moore, a science teacher, sets out to find out what really happened with the deaths so that no one in his family ends up in the same situation.

‘The Happening’ is different from other movies in this genre because Shyamalan tells the story in his usual dark and eerie way and keeps the audience interested by slowly revealing the disaster’s secret. Even though the movie got bad reviews and had a bad script, it’s still a unique take on a subject that doesn’t usually allow for parody.

Bird Box:

If you look at the creatures in Bird Box, which is based on Josh Malerman’s book of the same name, you will go crazy. We put this horror drama on our list because it’s so uncomfortable to watch these people try to figure out what’s going on and stay alive against the unknown during the post-apocalyptic second half of the movie.

Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, as well as John Malkovich all give amazing, real performances even when they are blindfolded. Bird Box was the most-watched movie on Netflix until 2021, which shows how well books can be turned into movies.

San Andreas:

The movie “San Andreas” is about an accident, and Brad Peyton directed it. It’s about Ray Gaines, a chopper rescue pilot for the Los Angeles Fire Department, who has to fight against all odds to save his family and bring them back together while a deadly earthquake tears the city of San Andreas apart.

There are big action scenes and a strong visual style that make this disaster movie a real hit. With a group that includes Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, as well as Alexandra Daddario, among others, the movie has a lot to give.

The amazing visual effects take viewers to a different place during a disaster and make them very worried about what will happen to the characters.