Barry Keoghan Spent $10 To Make A Self-Tape Audition For The Role Of The Riddler In The Batman He Was Then Cast As The Joker


Barry Keoghan Spent $10 To Make A Self-Tape Audition For The Role Of The Riddler In The Batman He Was Then Cast As The Joker:

The latest feature of Barry Keoghan in Esquire magazine says that he spent $10 to make his popular self-tape audition for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” which starred Robert Pattinson as the latest version of the Caped Crusader.

Paul Dano got the part of the Riddler, even though Keoghan sent within a tape auditioning for it. But Keoghan pleased Reeves enough that he gave him the Joker part, which wasn’t on his list. Barry Keoghan talked about how he made the self-tape audition that went viral for the part of the Riddler within Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Even Though He Got The Part Of The Joker Within The 2022 Movie:

Even though he ended up getting the part of the Joker within the 2022 movie, the Saltburn actor stated he first heard that the movie needed a criminal and decided to send in a tape.

For the tryout, he spent $10 at a costume shop on a cane as well as a hat, and he also made a sketch for the whole scene, which involved him going slowly through a door as well as a hallway while music played.

“I just made it up,” Keoghan informed the magazine regarding his self-tape interview, during which he creepily gets out of an elevator within full Riddler outfit and goes down a boring hallway in a “Clockwork Orange” style.

Barry Keoghan Spent $10 To Make A Self-Tape Audition For The Role Of The Riddler In The Batman He Was Then Cast As The Joker:

“I wanted to have it look like Kubrick: symmetrical, with an X on the back and a square door frame. I just wanted to make a good impression. Swag is adorable. It was merely me saying what I thought. After that “I’m going to put this in,” etc.

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The actor got a call from director Dylan Clark four months after he sent in the tape. His publicist told him, “Batman needs you to take on The Joker, yet you can’t tell anyone.” His representative told Keoghan, “‘The Batman’ wants you to play the Joker, yet you can’t tell anyone.”

Keoghan said that his Joker was “a little bit charming as well as a little bit hurt” and that he was “a broken-down boy.” He also wouldn’t let the makeup team alter his blue eyes to brown so he could play the part.

The Joker Only Makes A Short Appearance Within Movie:

The Joker only shows up for a short time. Most of the movie is about Batman’s fight alongside the Riddler, but Keoghan’s part stands out. His version of the unhappy bad guy has big limbs, a half-shaved head, as well as a look in his eye that is both recognizable and terrifying.

DC hasn’t said when we’ll next see the Joker, but we hope it won’t be too long. Check out Keoghan’s interview tape below while you wait.

James Gunn stated when the new DCU schedule was released that Reeves’ “BatVerse” is not going to be part of the DCU. This means that this movie and Todd Phillips’ Joker film are going to be considered “Elseworlds” stories.

Alex Flood Gave The Batman A Four-Star Review:

Batman: The Brave as well as the Bold will have a new character wear the cape and hood. Damian Wayne, Batman’s son and Robin, will also have a different look.

Alex Flood of NME gave The Batman four stars and said, “Director Matt Reeves has mixed gritty mob drama alongside a film noir detective thriller, as well as thanks to Dano’s creepy villain, a few psychological horror as well.”

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It works out great most of the time. Pattinson plays him along with a serious obsession that sometimes goes too far and turns into a joke. Pattinson’s Batman is lighter than Bale and Affleck, and he moves less quickly and carefully than those two. It’s like he’s always drunk on punches because he’s been getting beat up every night for months.