Peso Pluma Cancels His Tijuana Concert After Receiving Death Threats


Peso Pluma Cancels His Tijuana Concert After Receiving Death Threats:

On October 14, the Mexican vocalist, presently on his Doble P Tour, was supposed for a performance at Estadio Caliente within Tijuana, Mexico. However, Prajin Music Group, Pluma’s record label, announced Wednesday that the concert was canceled.

The statement, which was posted upon Pluma’s as well as the label’s Instagram stories in Spanish, read, “Our objective was to protect the fans as well as the team.” “Due to security concerns, we will be suspending our Tijuana performance.

Thank you to all of our fans for their patience. We adore you” According to multiple sources, assassination threats against Peso Pluma surfaced on banners in Tijuana on September 12.

The Banners Were Inscribed By The New Generation Cartel Of Jalisco:

The banners have been endorsed through the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, as well as according to The Arizona Republic, they translate to “This goes to Peso Pluma refrain from offering yourself upon October 14, because it may be your last show because of your disrespect as well as loose tongue if you show up, we are going to break you.”

This is prior to Pluma’s performance at Estadio Caliente within Tijuana. According to Punto Norte, a 43-year-old male was apprehended with one of the banners in the possession.

On September 12, a banner containing a threat against the 24-year-old, whose actual name was Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, was posted upon a bridge in the border city of Tijuana. It was endorsed by the New Generation Cartel of Jalisco.

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Pluma, A Native Of Zapopan, Jalisco, Was One Of The New Era Of Corridos’ Leaders:

The narcocorrido genre, which is frequently accused of glorifying drug cartels, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, reaching the top of global musical charts and filling arenas.

Pluma, a native of Zapopan, Jalisco, was one of the founders of the new era of “corridos,” which are Mexican narrative tunes or melodies that describe a heroic struggle.

Pluma informed The Associated Press prior to the MTV Video Music Awards upon September 12 that “it feels great to hear individuals from various nations listening to and singing my songs.”

Also, Caballero Ramrez Canceled A Performance In The Interest Of Public Safety:

“It’s only a fantasy, and I’m very appreciative of the genre I work in. It is expanding global and breaking down barriers, Pluma told the Associated Press. I am simply appreciative of everyone who supports Mexican music.

The municipal president of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramrez, had previously considered suspending the event in the interest of public safety.

“Singers such as Peso Pluma glorify crime, so certain groups are outraged sadly, those who experience the consequences have the citizens who desire to attend their concerts but are then put in danger,” she explained.

A Sequence Of Peso Pluma’s Concerts Within The United States Were Additionally Canceled, But No Explanation Was Given:

In the coming days, we will ascertain whether or not the concert will take place. The cartel’s messages were made public hours before Peso Pluma performed at the 2023 Video Music Awards.

Peso Pluma, alongside numerous msica Mexicana artists of the present and past generations, frequently references narco-related themes in his compositions, from mentioning the names of powerful drug cartel leaders to employing oblique drug references.

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Prior to this, a series of Peso Pluma’s concerts within the United States were postponed, but neither the artist’s team nor the concert promoters provided a reason.

A Man Was Detained In Tijuana Last Week For Possessing One Of The Menacing Banners:

The Attorney General’s Office of the state of Baja California reported that a man was apprehended in Tijuana last week for possessing one of the menacing banners. In the same city, four banners were displayed across the El Mirador bridge, the Va Rápida, as well as in the Libertad neighborhood.

The regional prosecutor, Édgar Mendoza, announced an investigation was being opened. The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, stated that the concert would be authorized based on the findings of the experts.