The free games of the Epic Games Store for this week are now available; soon, another gift


Players can get their hands on a copy of XCOM 2 and Insurmountable, an amazing climbing game.


It’s already been a week, and that in PC means being able to add two new free games to our library of Epic Games Store. The parent company of Fortnite renews incentives and invites players to download XCOM 2, the acclaimed strategy video game by Firaxis, and Insurmountable, an original and challenging proposal that combines roguelite elements with mountain climbing, without paying a single cost.

XCOM 2 does not need much presentation and you can find in 3DJuegos a complete analysis going through its strengths and weaknesses. In short, it proposes to the players to take command of the resistance in a new battle against alien invaders. With Insurmountable we are facing a quite original title in its mission: step into the shoes of a lonely mountaineer in a permadeath dungeon crawler adventure game where you will have to climb challenging and unique peaks against each other, making vital decisions in a matter of seconds.

Epic Games Store users can get hold of both proposals for free until this same time next Thursday, April 21. After this time, new incentives will come to the trade of the owners of Unreal Engine: Riverbond, an action and adventure video game set in a world of voxels to enjoy cooperatively. In the store, in addition, users can temporarily try the great Anno 1800 at no additional cost.

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