12 Of The Best Anime About Basketball To Watch Right Now


12 Of The Best Anime About Basketball To Watch Right Now:

the stakes are high. The trouble. The interesting stories of losers When you consider it, professional sports have all the parts that make a good story. That’s probably why even anime shows stories of players who are willing to go against all chances. But for many of us, basketball has a special place in our hearts.

Both on and off the court, basketball games are known for being exciting, with heartfelt drama and thrilling action. Basketball cartoons are able to go beyond the game they show by making interesting stories and likable characters that appeal to fans outside of sports.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy in these cartoons, whether you’re a basketball fanatic or just like stories set in the world of sports. We are going to talk about some of the greatest basketball cartoons here.

As a child, you probably played hoops and pretended to be your best player, making the game-winning basket before time ran out. Yes, that’s exactly the magic and joy that some anime shows offer you.


There are two short OVAs called “I’ll/CKBC.” They are about two great high school basketball players named Tachibana and Hiiragi. They are enemies at first, but when they move to the same institution and become friends, everything changes.

They do not stop competing with each other for a long time, but in the end, they understand that to win their “big game,” they must put aside all their differences.

‘I’ll/CKBC’ is different from the other anime shows upon this list because it only uses basketball as a plot device. Instead of focusing on the game itself, it shows how the characters feel about it.

Compared with numerous other sports anime, this one is much more adult and thoughtful. It has flashbacks and deep looks into the personal lives of all the main characters.

Power!! Girl’s Got Game:

Have power!! The series, which ran from 1999 to 2002, was written by Seino Shizuru. The show looks at all of these things through the eyes of a young basketball player, finding a balance between hoops and the usual high school romances.

Kyo Aizawa is the main character of the series. Her father wants to follow his dreams of becoming a professional basketball player through the life of his child.

She is excited to go to Seisyu Academy, which is known for having a great basketball program for boys and cute outfits for girls. Still, all of that goes away right away when she realizes she was registered as a boy because her father wanted her to.

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Hungry Best 5:

Outside of Korea, not many people know about the South Korean cartoon movie Hungry Best 5. But it’s a great way to learn about basketball. The movie is mostly about Kim Young-woong, a bright high school player in basketball who guides his team to win in the junior Asian Cup, but he is unhappy with how things went.

Back home, every college basketball team wants Young-woong, but he ends up going to the least well-known basketball club, which surprises everyone.

There, Young-woong meets the other players on the squad. They are all very different, but they all want to be the top basketball team in the country.

Buzzer Beater:

A few hundred years from now, in “Buzzer Beater,” a young boy named Hideyoshi makes a living upon the streets of New York through playing basketball with other kids.

He soon gets a spot upon a professional team, though, where he has to play against aliens who are physically stronger than everyone else and have been winning the game. There is a lot at stake, and now it’s up to the first-ever all-human basketball team to win back the title that goes to them.

There’s no doubt that “Buzzer Beater” has a very original plot, and it also makes you think of “Space Jam” from Hollywood. The animation style is a bit rough around the edges, but the funny as well as over-the-top basketball action keeps you interested.


At first glance, Basquash looks very different from the sports cartoons that fans and watchers are used to seeing. The show was made by Shoji Kawamori as well as Thomas Romain, who mixed the normal robot theme with basketball.

The show takes place on Earth Dash, a future world where people are split into two groups the powerful Lunar community and the suffering surface society.

BFB is the most famous sport in the world. In a big venue, people play basketball while sitting on a machined foot called a BigFoot. After the main character, Dan JD, did great things for the game, it was changed its name to Basquash.

Barangay 143:

Barangay 143 is a cartoon show that was made by Filipino and Singaporean companies working together. This is what makes it so interesting.

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Bren Park, a young Filipino-Korean man, is at the center of the story. He rejects his fate to become an outstanding basketball player when tragedy hits his family.

When he gets to Manila to look for his long-lost father, he finds that he loves street basketball as well as joins a group of oddballs led by the famous Coach B.

Bren and Coach B quickly find comfort in basketball, even though they have both lost loved ones and played a sport that took everything away from them.

Dear Boys:

The primary protagonist of “Hoop Dreams,” Aikawa Kazuhiko, is a star basketball player and leader of the famous Tendoji High team. But he has to start a whole different basketball team from scratch when he moves to a new town.

He agrees to the task, and his goal is to get his team all through to the National Championships. To do this, he sets out to build the best team possible. ‘Dear Boys’ is the only anime on this list that doesn’t have a lot of fun.

It gets as authentic as an anime may get, particularly when it comes to hoops. If you’re really into basketball, this is the most exciting and emotional show you can watch.

Harlem Beat:

The famous street basketball comic series Harlem Beat was made by Yuriko Nishimiya. From 1994 to 2000, the show aired. The comic series looks at the lives and points of view of people who know what it’s like to not make it in the tough world of high school basketball.

Nate Torres, the main character and permanent bench warmer, goes from being left upon the bench for his high school basketball team to playing streetball, which shows how hard things have been for him throughout the series.

The story looks at common themes of battles and wants through Nate’s life as he tries to live up to his beliefs.


People who are new to anime will always be amazed by Basquash because it’s so much stranger and stranger than other sports anime. It takes place in the future on a world where basketball is played with huge robot cars called “BigFoot.” The story combines mecha with basketball.

Because they were interested in sports, a tough group of losers led by Dan JD made their own version of the game to play on the street and called it “Basquash.” In order to show how good they were, Dan as well as his team set out to become famous in the world of squash.

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There is a special mix of basketball action and “cute girls doing cute things” in “Ro-Kyu-Bu!” The story is about Hasegawa Subaru, a skilled high school basketball player whose “hoop dreams” are crushed when his school’s basketball team has to shut down. He doesn’t give up, though.

He uses everything he knows about basketball to teach a group of young girls. ‘Ro-Kyu-Bu!’ isn’t very interesting from a technical point of view, and it might turn off people who are hoping for some real basketball action. ‘Ro-Kyu-Bu!’ is the only anime that really fits the bill for people who like funny, cute sports shows.

Ahiru No Sora:

Sora loves basketball more than anything, but he’s too tall to play. Takeshi Hinata made Ahiru no Sora, a typical basketball-themed anime series. It’s similar to the hugely popular Kuroko no Basket, but it’s a lot slower-paced and covers a lot calmer topics while showing what high school basketball is really like.

Everything in the show is about Sora Kuramatani’s life. He is obviously very good at and loves basketball, but his body isn’t right for the sport. Sora’s body is much smaller and weaker than most high school basketball players. Sora promises his sick mother that he will join Kuzuryu High School’s basketball team.

He quickly learns that the team does nothing but play basketball and has turned into a safe place for bad kids. To keep his word, Sora gets everyone in the group really excited about basketball, which lets them give it everything they have again.

Kuroko’s Basketball:

A lot of sports fans watch Production IG’s basketball cartoon Kuroko’s Basketball, which has been praised by critics. With its interesting story and introduction of new characters, the show has a lot of fun, drama, and amazing moments.


The story is about Tetsuya Kuroko, who used to play basketball for the Teikou Middle School team and now plays for the Seirin High School team. He teams up with some very good players, and the two of them work together to win the national tournament.