After She Brought A Small Iceberg To A Cocktail Party, Martha Stewart Was Criticized


After She Brought A Small Iceberg To A Cocktail Party, Martha Stewart Was Criticized:

The 82-year-old won’t be hopping around cheaper exotic islands, of course. Instead, she just told everyone regarding her cruise surrounding the Arctic. People on the internet have said mean things regarding one of her social media posts.

In the past few years, people who want to make better craft cocktails have started to use “luxury” as well as “designer” ice instead of regular ice made from tap water.

Its supporters say that luxury ice is the best way to chill cocktails because each piece is hand-carved, it melts slowly, and it doesn’t have any minerals as well as chemicals that could change how a drink tastes.

This kind of treat can cost approximately $10 per time. On Monday, Martha Stewart beat all of that by chilling her drink with a real iceberg.

“We Actually Caught A Small Iceberg For Our Cocktails Tonight,” She Wrote Upon Instagram:

Stewart said that while she was on a Swan Hellenic trip from Iceland to Greenland, “we actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight,” she wrote upon Instagram. Stewart showed a group of pictures from a trip that people went on to look at ice.

Some shots show the icebergs within their original state, while others show chunks of ice upon a bar cart, ready to be turned into drinks. Stewart additionally posed for a photo while she was drinking.

Some of her 1.9 million fans got angry and told her in the comments that she was snobby and “tone deaf,” since climate change has made Greenland the warmest place on Earth, where ice melts twice as fast as in Antarctica.

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What Fans Are Saying In The Comments Section “Drinking Iceberg Cocktails While The Planet Is On Fire Is A Bit Tone Deaf:

“End of the initial zodiac cruise from Swan Hellenic Cruises into an incredibly beautiful fjord upon the east coast of Greenland,” Stewart wrote within the photo’s description. “We caught a small iceberg to put in our drinks tonight.”

Fans were eager to comment about the odd addition as soon as the post went up. One of their fans said, “It’s a bit tone deaf of them to drink iceberg cocktails whereas the world is on fire.” “Martha, the ice caps are melting don’t put them into your drink,” said someone else.

A Swan Hellenic employee didn’t answer right away when asked for a comment. On their website, the company says that they follow “sustainability policies” that are needed by the local governments where they go.

Stewart Additionally Posted From The Sky Lagoon Within Iceland Providing A Brief Account Of The “Small Yet Spacious”:

Stewart also posted from the Sky Lagoon in Iceland and wrote a short review of the “small but spacious” adventure ship that took her from Iceland to Greenland.

“We’re going to spend six days learning regarding the world’s biggest island! She wrote that about 75% of the people living there were native. “Food tastes great! The team is very helpful and nice!

Glaciologist Ian Allison, a professor at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, agreed.

He said that the cruise ship’s fossil fuels had a much bigger effect on the environment than Stewart putting ice in her glass, which he said had no effect.

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Stewart Talked About Her Trip Last Week Before She Left:

Stewart talked about her trip last week before she left. When asked if she was going to post a thirst trap before the end of the summer, the recent Sports Illustrated cover girl acted like she didn’t know.

She said, “Who knows?” “I’m going to Greenland in a few hours, so I don’t think I’ll be setting up any thirst nets there. “But you never know. She added with a laugh, “Maybe there’s going to be a polar bear visible in the background.”