Ashley Tisdale Is Being Blamed For A Car Crash In Hollywood


Ashley Tisdale Is Being Blamed For A Car Crash In Hollywood:

The High School Musical star, who just turned 38, is being brought to court through a woman named Lina Gonzales, who says she was hurt in the accident on Hollywood Boulevard last September. This is according to TMZ.

Gonzales says that due to the accident, she has “lost wages, had to pay for medical bills, and lost love and protection.” She is now looking for compensation.

Her lawyer, Michael R. Parker, tells the newspaper that Gonzales says Tisdale called her names and made a big deal out of the accident.

Ms. Gonzales Also Says That She Has To Pay $140,000 In Hospital Bills Out Of Her Own Pocket:

A lawyer for Ms. Gonzales said in court papers that his client was waiting along the famous strip to turn left when Ms. Tisdale reportedly changed lanes as well as hit her car.

Ms. Gonzales also says that she had to pay $140,000 in hospital bills and wants Ms. Tisdale to pay her back. Parker said that the crash happened while Gonzales had been in the left-hand lane waiting to turn left.

But while Gonzales waited, Tisdale is said to have switched lines and hit Gonzales. Parker says that the accident left his client with “severe neck and back injuries” and that she will have to pay around $140,000 for medical care.

This Isn’t The First Time The Actress Has Been In A Car Accident:

The lawyer said that he asked Tisdale for $600,000, but Tisdale said no, so they are now taking the case to court. A spokesperson for Tisdale claimed the newspaper that there was not any fighting or bad language after the crash.

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Instead, the two people just swapped information and went on with their lives. This isn’t the first time the star has been in a car accident. In 2019, she went on Twitter and said that director Kevin Smith had caused a small accident that damaged her car and then left without even saying sorry.

In reaction to these claims, a person who works for Ashley Tisdale said that Ashley didn’t say or do anything aggressive after the accident. According to what they said, after the accident, both sides gave each other their contact information and left the scene.

After A Few Hours, The Director Of Clerks Replied To A Tweet With An Apology And An Explanation:

At the time, they both were residents of the same area of the beautiful and popular Hollywood Hills. “Thanks, @ThatKevinSmith, for scratching my car’s mirror and not stopping. She wrote, “What a classy move, neighbor!”

After a few hours, the director of Clerks tweeted back apologies as well as an explanation. “Sorry, I drive in the Hills like Cruella de Vil! I did, however, stop to say hello. Then, when you got up first, I thought, “That’s so Sharpay.”

The woman seemed to believe him and said, “Ha! We accept your apology.’ Later, they talked to each other in person to make things right. Kevin wrote that Ashley came to his house to apologize.

Tisdale recently celebrated her birthday, which is why she is now being sued. After she turned 38 in July, Tisdale gave her admirers a beachy picture slide and some tips on how to live. The former Disney star wore a black one-piece swimsuit and white shorts with no buttons to show off her slim waist.

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From 2006 To 2008, She Played Sharpay Evans During The High School Musical Movie Series:

The High School Musical star spent the big day within New York with her two-year-old daughter Jupiter and her 41-year-old husband Christopher French. Since 2014, they have been married.

Tisdale became known as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the Disney Channel teen series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which ran from 2005 to 2008. Then, from 2006 to 2008, she played Sharpay Evans during the fan-favorite High School Musical movie series.