Here Are The 18 Best Comedies You Can Watch With Your Family Right Now


Here Are The 18 Best Comedies You Can Watch With Your Family Right Now:

Is there anything better than finding a new TV show that makes you laugh right away? Because there is so much material now, there is something for everyone. If you like your comedy cartoon, wacky, smart, sarcastic, silly, as well as dark, you can find it here.

There are a lot of options, from historical comedies to comedies with strong female leads. Comedies on TV have been on our screens for a long time. Since the beginning of the television business, it has been an important part of the media scene.

Max has many options for you when it comes to picking a funny show to watch. From the experienced professionals who made the Emmy-winning show Barry to the up-and-coming artists who work on Issa Rae’s most recent project, Rap Sh!

Artists and producers are trying new things with the style all the time, which is making progress in the genre. Shows like “The Office,” “BoJack Horseman,” and others have gone against what people thought would happen and are now staples in the best TV comedies.

2 Dope Queens:

HBO’s 2 Dope Queens isn’t really a TV show; it’s more like a collection of comedy specials, each with its own theme. It’s based on the popular podcast led by comedians Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson.

There are four episodes in Season 1 as well as four episodes in Season 2. 2 Dope Queens has hour-long shows where comedians and celebrities sit down with the show’s funny hosts and talk.

The comedian Tig Notaro directed 2 Dope Queens, which is based on a podcast that does the same thing. Both shows aim to explore inclusion while also showing viewers some of the best-known and up-and-coming comics from the late 2010s.

Fans of the podcast and people who have never heard of Williams and Robinson’s work will both enjoy 2 Dope Queens. It’s a unique show that comedy fans from all walks of life can watch all at once.


If there’s any show that feels like a fever dream, it’s Corporate. Creators and writers Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson, and Jake Weisman were able to make a three-season show that was a protest against how business works, but the show never felt like a product.

It turned boring office life, like what Matt and Jake do at their desks, into a starting place for crazy genre experiments. Lost crushes or small grudges caused some of these genre experiments.

Moving from small-scale office talk to the global effects of a huge mega-conglomerate was a very clever move that “Corporate” pulled off very well. A clever cast, led by the great Lance Reddick, ensured that the show never stopped even when Matt and Jake got bored.

Corporate has become, in a strange way, a period piece. It’s a perfect record of a work system that was falling apart even faster than the show’s creators could have imagined.

Six Feet Under:

The HBO show Thirteen Feet Under, loved for its dark comedy, follows the life of the Fisher family. Nathaniel, the family leader, leads the Fishers as they deal with the unique problems that come along with running a funeral home while also going through their own problems.

Each show starts with the death of a new character, followed by the exploration of the story arcs of the other characters.

Even though Six Feet Under is about a serious subject, it uses humor to lighten things up and talk about things that were taboo at the time in a funny way. It has been around for a long time and has held up very well. If you are just learning about it now, you should.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel was a comedy-drama set in the 1950s about a housewife and mother who find out she is good at stand-up comedy. The show has been on for five seasons.

She and her new boss are both learning the ropes as they strive to make their way in the tough and mostly male world of stand-up comedy.

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There are great acts, funny stories, and a lot of difficulties in this show about a woman who is quite the spark. The job Midge loves is very important to her, and she is not afraid to take chances to make it happen.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia:

Season 16 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ran in 2023, making the show one of the longest-running American sitcoms of all time.

The gang still gets into hilarious situations on the show, such as Dennis’s heated battles with his car company or a homemade bowling league with an assortment of insane individuals. The show remains as silly and humorous as ever.

As always, the whole group cast gave great performances. There have been appearances by famous people on the show before, but in season 16, Aaron Paul as well as Bryan Cranston were big names who weren’t in the main group.

It’s Always Sunny within Philadelphia was very funny in 2023, and the fact that season 16 only had 8 episodes was the worst thing about it. I agree that this was also true for season 15, but it’s too bad that there weren’t more episodes. In season 16, there would be a great chance for the show to go back to the 10-episode schedule it had from season 8 on.

Despite the limited number of episodes in 2023, the show continued to tell stories in its characteristic manner, while also generating anticipation for the upcoming season by posing unanswered questions that will be resolved in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 17.

Fawlty Towers:

‘Monty Pythoner’ John Cleese, as well as his partner Connie Booth, wrote the BBC series Fawlty Towers. Mr. Cleese plays the main character, Basil Fawlty, who is a rude and angry hotel owner.

Prunella Scales portrays Sybil, Basil’s bossy and angry wife. There are many funny times in Fawlty Towers because of the crazy things that happen there, the unhappy hotel staff, and the mistakes that happen as a result. You have to see Cleese’s perfect comic timing for yourself.

There were only two seasons of Fawlty Towers, and each season had six shows. If the show had had more seasons, the creative genius might not have been as strong. The show didn’t get great reviews from critics, but we still like it because of the funny scenes.

Abbott Elementary:

If you like the feel-good comedies of the Ted Lasso era, you should get on the school bus going to Abbot Elementary. Quinta Brunson created and stars in this mockumentary comedy, which follows the same style as The Office and Parks and Recreation. However, it stands out because of its great writing, acting, and army of cute kid characters.

The Philadelphia elementary school where Abbott Elementary is set lacks sufficient funding for its teachers. It follows the lives of the school’s young, hopeful teachers, its experienced, burned-out teachers, and its self-centered, TikTok-loving director.

From the start, the show was a big hit with both critics and viewers. Brunson, as well as Sheryl Lee Ralph, won Emmys for their work in the first season. With education becoming a bigger issue in politics and culture, the show has a lot of room to be humorous.


There isn’t really a story summary that can describe what’s great about “Casual.” There’s a look at difficult relationships between people of different generations. But what made this one of the first great Hulu shows was how well it understood its characters.

Val, Alex, and Laura were sure that it was worth it to hang out alongside one another through bad dates, messy breakups, and the good times in between. It would be easy for malaise to be introduced, which happens with shows that are based on very specific problems in Los Angeles.

It was less about one family slouching through life’s downturns as the show went on, though. It became more about the people you choose to let into your life, for however long that lasts.

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Arrested Development:

Things start to go wrong in Arrested Development when a rich, unstable family runs into money problems. The popular series follows the Bluth family’s funny lives, especially Michael Bluth, who seems to be the only Bluth family member who makes sense.

After his father’s arrest for white-collar crime, Michael attempts to unite his diverse and unstable cousins, but faces difficulty due to their differences. With its sharp, funny writing and unique ways of telling stories, Arrested Development gave viewers and reviewers alike something new, and it stuck.

It’s a modern masterpiece in the genre, full of sharp humor, running jokes, and endlessly enjoyable situations because of how the family members act badly with each other.


Nathan Brown is almost dead after a terrible car accident, but his rich girlfriend chooses to send him to a digital paradise, which is something people can do in this sci-fi comedy-drama set in the future. But in Upload, the future places are not all the same based on your social class, just like in real life.

If you pay up, your dead loved ones can live a luxurious afterlife, and your living family can visit them using cutting-edge virtual reality within the show. I can’t pay for it. Either they die a normal death or they live in a bad neighborhood.

Because she controls his finances, Nathan dislikes that he will always be with the girl he was planning to break up with.

At the same time, he is getting closer to Nora, the live woman who is in charge of him in the afterlife. The show is cute and funny, and it makes fun of current computer trends and power.


Netflix added a brand-new comedy in 2023 called Beef. Beef has a great cast and is about Danny as well as Amy, who get into a complicated fight after getting into a car accident together.

The show received 13 Emmy nominations in 2023, including one for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. The show’s group members also received praise for their work, further highlighting the quality of the show. It’s especially interesting how Wong shows Amy as a complicated and flawed person.

At first, Amy is hard to cheer for, but the show’s dark comedy as well as crazy timeline help her grow by the end. Beef is different from other comedies because it has a lot of thriller elements, which make the whole thing a wild ride.

Freaks And Geeks:

There was only one 18-episode season of Paul Feig’s Freaks and Geeks, but it became a cult favorite. The show is mostly set within a high school in a suburban Michigan area in the 1980s and is executive produced by Judd Apatow.

‘Freak’ Lindsay and her ‘geek’ brother Sam are the stars of this show. This show effectively portrays many aspects of student life, despite being set in the 1980s. For example, it shows teenage anxiety and how to deal with high school cliques.

Even though there are a lot of personalities, the story gives them room to grow. A lot of future stars, such as Jason Segal, Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Linda Cardellini, got their start with Freaks and Geeks.


A show called Barry, made by Bill Hader, is perfect for people who like a little action alongside their comedy. Barry Berkman is a hitman from Cleveland who goes to Los Angeles in order to kill his next victim but ends up using his time there to find a new job as an actor.

Barry wants to follow his new interest in playing on stage within Gene Cousineau’s class, but he needs to figure out how to get away from his bad past so he can get better parts.

There is a darker tone to the conclusion of the fourth season, which ended with its last episode in May 2023. The show remains excellent, however, it continues to explore the theme of forgiveness and the capacity for personal change.

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American Vandal:

Netflix is releasing true-crime films at an unprecedented rate. It was only a matter of time before the streaming service that has everything would satisfy its own users’ favorite genre.

But no one thought this kind of entertainment would be so good. It was made by Dan Perrault as well as Tony Yacenda. “American Vandal” is both a low-brow comedy fest and a high-brow analysis of a certain movie style.

The first season poses the now-iconic question “Who drew the dicks?” “However, it relentlessly pursues answers with an exaggerated level of intensity and a meticulous structure that renders the investigation unstoppable, even when it brings attention to its own strategies.”

With Jimmy Tatro’s help, Season 1 set a bar that seemed impossible to meet. Still, Season 2 lives up to Season 1, going into even more complicated territory as Perrault as well as Yacenda try to find new things.

It’s too bad that “American Vandal” had to end there, so early in the true crime season. It’s clear that these people have a lot more to give because there’s a lot more to mock.

South Park:

Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the famous cartoon comedy South Park. It follows the antics of the rude kids, who are played by Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman, as well as Kenny McCormick, who also created the show.

The show often uses ridiculous situations to make its flippant jokes and social and political points. People have talked about and debated South Park’s best episodes, and they’ve often become controversial.

Fans of the long-running show South Park are already finding that the new episodes for season 26 are some of the best ones yet. The show still manages to shock as well as amuse viewers today.

Class Of ‘07’:

A new original show on Prime Video, Class of ’07, is an Australian future comedy. A tsunami hits just as a group of women are going to their high school reunion after 10 years. Since the school is on top of a rock, they are safe. But below them, the world is a huge wasteland.

Now the women, many of whom still carry the trauma from their teenage years, must navigate their problems and strive to survive on their own. As expected, the results are sometimes funny because there are so many types that don’t get along, from the strict-class president to the rich celebrity.

The Great:

The Great Season 3 came out in 2023. Even though Hulu quickly ended the show, it got good reviews everywhere, especially for the characters and the clothes they wore. It even got a perfect score of 10/10 on Rotten Tomatoes.

The return of Elle Fanning to be Empress Catherine II as well as Nicholas Hoult to be Emperor Peter III in season 3 of The Great earned them Primetime Emmy nominations, which made a lot of sense given how dry and funny their roles were.

The Great is one of the best comedy shows of 2023 because of its strong acting, emotionally powerful plots, and gripping plots.

Mr. Bean:

Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal of Mr. Bean made him one of the ten most famous TV figures of all time. Rowan Atkinson first showed off his character at the 1987 Just For Laugh Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

He called the character “a child in a grown man’s body.” In the early 1990s, the tales of Mr. Bean transformed into 24-minute shows and immediately became a huge hit. The 14 episodes have too many funny moments to remember, especially the jokes that keep coming up, like Mr. Bean’s fight with a blue Reliant van.

Even though Mr. Bean acts like a child and does strange things, he is also a great cause of chaos, similar to how Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd were in silent movies.