Jenelle Evans Stops Talking To Her Mother After She Says That The Teen Mom Star’s son Jace Has Gone Missing


Jenelle Evans Stops Talking To Her Mother After She Says That The Teen Mom Star’s son Jace Has Gone Missing:

Jenelle Evans is having more problems with her family. Her 14-year-old son Jace went missing earlier this week, but he was found safe and sound.

Barbara, Jenelle’s mother, talked to TMZ about how worried she was about her grandson Jace after he was found. She said that her daughter’s choice to stop giving Jace his ADHD medicine was to blame for him running away.

Barbara Evans is worried about her grandson, whom she has had care of for more than a decade. She thinks that Jenelle Evans’ move to take him off his ADHD medication might have caused him to run away.

Barbara Says That Jenelle Stopped Giving Him The Medicine And Stopped Taking Him To The Behaviorist

Barbara tells TMZ that 14-year-old Jace has been on the drug for seven years and had been seeing a behavior expert regularly, which seemed to be helping the teen.

Barbara says that when Jenelle got control of Jace within March, she stopped giving him the medicine and stopped taking him to the behaviorist.

Jenelle does not agree with part of what Barbara said, telling us, “Barbara hasn’t talked to Jace since Monday.” I haven’t talked to her in three weeks.

Barbara Has No Idea What Is Happening In House:

Barbara has no idea what is happening in my house. Today at 10:30 a.m., Jace had a Zoom session with his therapist. She hasn’t even tried to talk to Jace directly.”

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“Please don’t believe anything my mother says to the press right now.” The truth will win out, and I’ll let you know when it’s time,’ she said. Barbara also said that the Teen Mom grad stopped Jace from going to therapy, which Jenelle also said was not true.

Since Monday, Barbara Hasn’t Been In Touch With Jace:

Since Monday, Barbara hasn’t been in touch with Jace. I haven’t talked to her in three weeks,’ she said in a previous post.

In March, Jenelle got control of her oldest child back. Before that, he had been raised by her mother. Barbara additionally stated to TMZ that she doesn’t want Jace back because she is getting older as well as his behavior is becoming too much for her to bear.

Thursday, the boy didn’t come home from school, so officials within Brunswick County, North Carolina, started looking for him.

Jenelle Said That Her Son Ran Away After Getting In Trouble At School And Having His Phone Taken Away:

Jenelle said that her kid ran away after his phone had been taken away because of problems at school. She made clear that this had little to do with her troubled marriage to David Eason.

“Jace got within trouble at school, so we took away his phone. Then he chose to run away. Jace was a good kid, so we don’t have to deal alongside anything that most other families don’t have to.

This has nothing to do alongside me or David. We never argue or fight in the presence of our kids. It’s a teen boy getting a teen about the fact that we took away his phone.

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At first, it was said that Jace had been discovered because the SnapChat app upon his phone sent out his location. This was the same phone that Jenelle said she had taken away.

On Wednesday, Jenelle Shared The Following Information On Snapchat And Instagram:

“My son was not found ” due to Snapchat,” the Oak Island, North Carolina, native informed her greater than 3.1 million Instagram followers on Wednesday as she asked the public to give her family some peace.

The MTV star said, “There are a lot of stories going around regarding what happened.”

Jace Hid In The Trees Behind His School:

The Sun wrote on Wednesday that a 911 caller in North Carolina told the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department where Jace was and said that the kid had been following him on the app.

The news source said that Jace’s Snapchat location helped the police figure out where he was, and that he had been hiding behind his school within the trees.