Whoopi Goldberg Misses The Season Premiere Of The View Because Of COVID


Whoopi Goldberg Misses The Season Premiere Of ‘The View’ Because Of COVID:

Whoopi Goldberg has again tested positive for COVID-19. Because of this, she missed the start of Season 27 of “The View.”Whoopi is not here, as you can see. Joy Behar stated during the show that she has COVID.

“It’s back, yes. Is it back? But she’s getting better. She’s almost done, and she probably won’t be back until this week. But I’m sorry for those of you who had been looking forward to observing her because she’s not here.”

“Here we are. This is the first show of our 27th year upon the air, so thank you. I was here for all but two of them before they fired me. When they hit me in the backside,” the 80-year-old man said.

The Source Says That Whoopi Arrived Back This Week:

“Whoopi isn’t here, as you can see; she has COVID. Yes, it is back, but she’s getting better and probably won’t be back until this week. But I’m sorry for those of you who had been looking forward to observing her because she’s not here.”

This is not the first time that a talk show host has been fired because of COVID. Alyssa Farah Griffin received a diagnosis with the illness and a repeat case earlier this year. This means that she has missed her show.

The Sunny Hostin as well as Ana Navarro case was also very well known. In 2021, the two hosts were taken off the show live before they were supposed to talk to Vice President Kamala Harris.

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She Had The Virus Before, In November 2022:

The interview was done over the phone, and it came out later that the results were wrong. Still, the event stood out as one of the most shocking live parts of the show’s long history.

This is not the first time that COVID has kept the 67-year-old from watching The View. She had the bug before, in November 2022, and missed a few shows because of it. Before that, in January 2022, she was sick with COVID.

After a break of about a month, the Season 27 opening of “The View” was on Tuesday. In addition to Goldberg and Behar, the show’s regular co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin, as well as Ana Navarro all came back for this new season.

Fans Who Want Her To Feel Better Soon:

Fans at first didn’t know where Whoopi was, but Joy told them. Fans went to social media to offer the monitor a quick recovery and show how sad they were that she wasn’t there.

A third said, “It’s the first episode of the new season of The View!” With a makeover, everything will be fine. But COVID means no Whoopi. Oh, man. #TheView”

“I heard that Whoopi had COVID,” someone said. once more. “That makes sense, #TheView,” said another viewer. “Wait a minute, Whoopi has COVID as well as isn’t on The View.”I really dislike it when Whoopi isn’t there,” said a sad fan.

Whoopi Was Recently Caught On Camera In Picture Alongside Roberto Cipullo:

Whoopi doesn’t know where she got COVID-19, yet she has been in Italy making a movie. During the summer break, director Roberto Cipullo, who is making the movie Leopardi & Co., tagged the actor in pictures.

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He shared an unposed picture with Whoopi last week. They smiled at one another as they stood within a hall in Montecassiano. Roberto seemed to be reading from a piece of paper while Whoopi held on to her bag.

“The View” was created by the famous writer Barbara Walters, and it first aired on ABC during the day in 1997.


The show is about a group of women from different generations who talk about the “hot topics” of the day, which can be anything from politics to comedy. Over the years, the show, which is watched by a lot of people and talked about a lot, has become a mainstay of the network.

“I don’t know how much additional evidence people require to see that the vaccination, even though it doesn’t always stop it from happening again, does slow it down,” she said. She then told her co-hosts, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know someone who has it or just got over it. That doesn’t look good.”