Kim Kardashian Does Not Want To Talk About Kanye West With Bianca Censori At All


Kim Kardashian Does Not Want To Talk About Kanye West With Bianca Censori At All:

A source says that Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to talk to Bianca Censori regarding Kanye West. A story says that the founder of Skims wants to “talk sense” into the architect, but a source close to Kardashian says she has “very much passed on” from her ex-husband.

“She doesn’t want to speak to her at all. “Kim is a firm believer that people should be on their own paths and figure out their lives on their own,” the person says.

The source says that the Kardashian star is only worried about “how she and West will raise their four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, as well as Psalm, together.” “Kim has moved on a lot,” says the person. “Kim only wants the best for Kanye and Bianca.”

Kardashian Was Worried About West Running Censori, So She Tried To Get In Touch With Her To Warn Her:

A person close to Kim Kardashian has spoken out for a second time this week about a story in a newspaper about how she feels regarding her ex-husband Kanye West as well as his supposed wife, Bianca Censori.

Yesterday, the British magazine Closer said that Kardashian was worried that West would be in charge of Censori as well as wanted to warn her about it. Now, a person says that’s not even close to the truth.

“She certainly isn’t interested in speaking to her Censori,” a person said. “Kim is a strong believer that people should be upon their own paths and work out life on their own. She wasn’t going to call to warn someone.”

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The source told Page Six what other Kardashian sources confirmed earlier this week alongside West, Kardashian is only worried about “matters of co-parenting” their four children.

Kim Is Shocked By What’s Going Upon With Kanye As Well As Bianca:

Our source also denies reports that the creator of Skkn by Kim is “desperately embarrassed” about the “Gold Digger” rapper’s close friendship with Censori.

The Closer source said, “Kim is looking at Kanye and Bianca’s situation with wide eyes, and she can’t believe how similar it is to how Kanye treated her.

She says that she can see how Kanye is making Bianca into his idea of the perfect woman. She worries that Kanye hasn’t learned his lesson and still thinks it’s okay to treat folks this way.

Kanye Is Very Interested In Fashion:

“When Kim stares at Bianca, it scares her because it reminds her of what has occurred to her,” said the person. “Kanye is very interested in fashion, but it may turn into a hobby, at X-rated clothes and over-the-top looks that are hard to handle.

Kim has told her friends that she wants to pull Bianca away and tell her how to stay true to herself as well as her own ideas about how she should feel about herself.

In the pictures, 46-year-old West’s pants were down and his cheeks were showing, and 28-year-old Censori was on her knees with her head within his lap. Even though the model’s face was visible, the Grammy winner kept his face covered as he looked out over the Italian city.

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In January, West And Censori Got Married In A Service That Was Not Legally Binding:

After doing things on the boat that made people look twice, the “Flashing Lights” rapper as well as his “wife” walked around Venice barefoot. Aside from running a boat business and not wearing shoes, Censori has left little to the mind by wearing sheer, body-hugging clothes without a bra.

West and Censori got married in January in a ceremony that was not legally binding. This was less than two months after he as well as Kardashian, 42, got a divorce.

“Kim thinks that being someone else’s tool isn’t worth any amount of fame or attention. She thinks she owes it to Bianca to make an effort to raise her eyes as well as talk some sense into her before it’s too late.