Neymar’s “noisy” parties unleash anger from his neighbors and the mayor: “He is an individual with no respect”

Neymar's parties upset the neighbors (REUTERS/Eric Gaillard/File Photo)
Neymar’s parties upset the neighbors (REUTERS/Eric Gaillard/File Photo)

Neymar was back in the center of the scene for non-soccer reasons. On this occasion they are the “noisy” parties organized by the Brazilian forward of Paris Saint Germain in his mansion in the town of Bougival, on the outskirts of the capital. The celebration of his 35th birthday, on February 5, was the great trigger for the neighbors to call the police.

The newspaper Le Parisien published an interview with Alcalde de Bougival, Luc Wattelle, who has his house near the athlete’s. The political leader complained and called him “an individual with no respect” by the neighbors.

“It was not just a background sound, it was prodigiously annoying,” he explained and insisted that it is not the first time that the former Barcelona and Santos has been noticed. For example, he recalled the party he organized to celebrate PSG’s last title in the Ligue, with a party that lasted until 5 in the morning.

The newspaper reported that the meeting in a restaurant with several of his teammates was “a party that comes across as low-key compared to the colorful birthday parties of his early years in Paris.”

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The mayor did not hide his discomfort at this situation either, since for the Brazilian international a fine of 135 euros for lack of civility has no effect, taking into account what he earns at PSG. “We can verbalize, but what do you do with someone who really doesn’t mind paying a fine of 135 euros given what he earns? At some point we will send a file to the prosecutor for repeated public order problems”, he warned.

Last Sunday, early in the afternoon, a neighbor of the five-story residence that Neymar has occupied since he arrived at PSG in 2017, warned that something was being prepared on a Facebook account that is used to share information with other residents of the neighborhood. The tone of the messages grew as the hours passed and some decided to call the law enforcement, first the Municipal Police and then the National Police.

The agents who came told them that the party was going to end at 9:00 p.m., but the testimonies collected by Le Parisien state that at 11:45 p.m. the “Happy Birthday!” was still being heard.

Luc Wattelle also lamented “the lack of dialogue” with the PSG star. “He has been there for six years and we have never seen the tip of his nose. It is a pity, for example, to never have seen him on the Bougival football fields with the youngsters ”, he concluded.

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