Spiritfarer: Will receive three updates this 2021


Thunder Lotus Games has released the development roadmap for 2021, and that includes three new updates, three adorable new spirits, and much more for Spiritfarer.

As detailed on the Thunder Lotus blog, the first of the updates called Lily will arrive in the spring of this year.

This update will bring us quality of life improvements and an improvised cooperative system with new ways of fishing together. Stella will have more story content.

“Stella is getting closer and closer with the work of the game, and begins to discover her memories, which bloom like flowers on her cabin”, we can read. “The butterflies of the flower house will unite to shape their new spirit friend: Lily, Stella’s little sister.”

Lily, who is obviously the spirit being added in this update, the only one who stays active at night. “She has been a luminous presence in her older sister’s life, and that is why she lights her up at night and allows her to navigate even in the dark.”

The Beverly update, coming in summer 2021, will add new ships, collectibles, recipes, and quality of life improvements. Beverly is the new spirit and is an old neighbor of Stella. She was lonely and will be glad to finally have someone to talk to about the past.

A new environment is included: the Archives Room, which will allow players to inspect the new type of collectibles, known as Acetate Sheets.

The latest update this year is called Jackie & Daria and will arrive in the fall. It will include a new island to explore, new ships and resources, plus a new event.

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The new island contains a ruined hospital and two new spirits.