This is how Henry Cavill’s Superman would look like with the classic comics suit and hairstyle


It is clear that Henry Cavill has managed to establish himself as the Superman of this generation. Even Dwayne Johnson recently stated that he did not understand how DC did not allow the actor to put on his characteristic suit and cape again … but, Can you imagine how he would look with the classic look of the character in the comics?

That particular suit and its colors, along with the characteristic hairstyle, has been imagined in a concept art made by the artist Javier Sánchez, which he has shared through his Instagram account. There we can see an impressive montage with Henry Cavill, yes, but with those very particular colors, that hairstyle and that classic air.

Here you can see the result:

In the post, Javier points out if we want to see the return of Henry Cavill as Superman (which has already been confirmed by himself, by the way), with a new suit. This would be a classic version, which probably won’t be the one we end up seeing, but who knows. You like?

There is still no clear plan on the table for Henry Cavill and his Superman, although the latest rumors pointed to a sequel to Man of Steel. The actor’s return comes at a major time of transition for the DC universe, with the recent addition of James Gunn and Peter Safran as top managers.

Henry Cavill also recently made headlines not only for confirming his return, but also for leaving his role as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher, the reasons for which are still not entirely clear.

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