Watch The 16 Best Magician Films Of All Time Right Now


Watch The 16 Best Magician Films Of All Time Right Now:

Enjoy the magical world of magic via the best wizard movies in Hollywood. From the first stop-motion cartoons to the most beautiful movies made today, these movies have captivated people all over the world.

Cinema has both praised and criticized magicians over the years, using cutting-edge technology to show amazing tricks again. Some say this has taken away from the real appeal of live shows, while others say it has brought people back to this old art form.

People really like these artists because they have superpowers that most people don’t have, which makes them similar to superheroes. The magic within these stories can’t be explained scientifically like in science fiction, and no one tries.

This adds to the wonder of the story. For a long time, before people became so dependent on science facts, stage magicians were performing risky and amazing tricks for huge crowds of people, even nobles.

Their carefully practiced stunts still amaze and amazement people, even though they are not nearly as famous as they used to be, most likely because most people don’t believe in magic anymore.


Well-known magician Harry Houdini was known for his risky escape acts. He shockingly died at age 52 from sepsis that was too much for him. His name still makes people think of amazing escapes from impossible situations, even though it’s been almost 100 years.

Fans and magicians are still guessing what he does to do such amazing things. “Houdini,” a movie regarding his life as well as death, came out in 1953 from Paramount Pictures. Tony Curtis as well as Janet Leigh starred in it. The movie stays true to its exciting and fun adventure, even though some parts are made up to build tension.


This movie is based on Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, which is a collection of French and English stories from the Middle Ages. It’s about the famous King Arthur, his guards of the Round Table, and Merlin, the wizard he trusted.

The movie shows Arthur’s success and goodness by following his path from the time he pulled the sword out of the stone to his combat wins. His love problems are also shown, especially the love triangle he is in with Lancelot and Guinevere.

Of course, magic also plays a big role in the story. For example, Merlin as well as Morgana le Fay fight, and throughout the story, they use different spells and curses to help themselves.

Helen Mirren plays the beautiful Morgana, who tries to employ her magic to get rid of her half-brother Arthur by using different tricks, such as changing shapes, to woo him. Much of the other magic, like the Excalibur sword and Merlin’s connection to the land, comes from much older ideas about magic.

The way Excalibur treats this sort of thing is less magical and more like the remains of a long-lost or unknown society. The movie Excalibur is the best version of the famous story. It has beautiful pictures and an epic score.

An Honest Liar:

From the point of view of James Randi, a former magician and escape artist, the documentary “An Honest Liar” looks at these pros. Later, Randi turned into a detective for scientific skepticism and exposed people he thought were lying about having special powers.

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But the video also shows that Randi had his own secrets, which makes people wonder if he was really a person who had been tricked or if he may have tricked other people too.


Stardust, which is based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name, is one of the best fantasy movies of the 21st century that doesn’t get enough praise. The story is about a young man called Tristan Thorn who goes outside the wall of his town into the magical world to get his crush, who is clearly just playing with him, a fallen star.

When he gets to the star, which is played through Claire Danes as a pretty young woman, he learns that the way back will be a lot more dangerous. Now, many people are after the star, such as kings who need it to claim their land and old witches who want it to look young again.

This funny and exciting adventure story is full of magic in almost every part of the story. The story of the movie is very well-rounded. There is both funny and serious magic in it, like Robert De Niro as a famous but secret pirate who is in charge of a flying ship.

Even though the whole cast is great, Michelle Pfeiffer really spoils the show as the bad witch who wants to steal the star’s heart to make herself look better. Stardust is a fun and exciting fantasy movie that is a modern classic that doesn’t get enough attention and should be seen by more people.


In the movie “Sleight,” Bo Wolfe was a kid who sells drugs and does magic on the street. After their parents die, he takes care of his younger sister Tina.

As part of a school project, Bo built an electromagnet that gives him the power to control metal and do magical tricks. Bo sells drugs to help Tina, but he gets into trouble for it. He needs to use his smarts and magic to keep his sister safe while getting away from danger.

Howl’s Moving Castle:

This movie, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, is the first of two on this list. It is based on a book by Diana Wynne Jones with the same name. Sophie is the main character of the story. Her life changes when she meets Howl, a cute young wizard.

Howl has caught a lot more than her eye, though, and is now being chased by many people, some of whom are dangerous witches. But Sophie upsets one of the witches, and she turns into an old lady. She then has to go on an adventure to get back to being young.

Howl’s Moving Castle, one of Miyazaki’s most popular and well-known movies, is a fantastical adventure movie full of magic, romance, and big ideas.

The book mixes British tales alongside Japanese style as well as production, which makes for an interesting clash of very different cultures. Similarly, the magic that the wizards and witches use in the movie isn’t based on a single idea, but on a number of different ones.

The Illusionist:

Is there really magic? When Alice meets Jean-Claude Donda, a French illusionist who is trying to keep magic alive by putting on shows in run-down places, she thinks it does. Even though his tricks are just lies, they become friends, and he risks losing all of his money to buy Alice gifts.

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It’s true that The Illusionist was a hit and even up for an Academy Award, yet it’s still a secret gem. It’s a sad but touching story about friendship that will stay with you long after the movie is over.

Big Trouble In Little China:

In this rare classic, Kurt Russell plays truck driver Jack Burton, who assists his friend Wang Chi free his fiancée from the sex workers in Chinatown who have taken her. Jack is caught up in a dangerous and strange fight with a powerful group led by the old Chinese wizard Lo Pan. Lo Pan is very powerful and has other wizards working for him.

Sometime along the way, Jack starts to like Gracie, a pretty girl whose friend was additionally taken by the gang. That being said, Big Trouble within Little China is the silliest and most campy movie on this list about magic. It additionally happens to be one of the funniest.

Russell is great as the badass who likes to have fun; this is a role he does very well. James Hong is also great as the old wizard Lo Pan; he makes him both scary and wise.

Carpenter repeated some of the over-the-top mood from Escape from New York, his previous hit movie with Kurt Russell. However, he concentrated on traditional Chinese magic as well as culture, making his dream martial arts movie come true.

Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself:

In and Of Itself, Derek DelGaudio’s one-man show video on Hulu, you can find pure magic. This video about DelGaudio’s one-man show looks at his amazing tricks and stories to make a memorable experience.

Through his magic as well as stories, DelGaudio tries to answer life’s most basic and difficult questions. The award-winning documentary on Hulu has a perfect score upon Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, alongside a viewer rate of 89%.

The Witches:

This famous book by Roald Dahl is being turned into a movie by English director Nicolas Roeg and Jim Henson’s company. In this strange and funny children’s book, Luke, a young boy, moves in with his grandmother Helga after his parents die within a car accident.

Helga tells Luke about the existence of witches in England. They try to kidnap little kids while pretending to be old ladies and covering their faces with wigs and gloves.

While they are at a beach resort, Luke finds a secret meeting of England’s witches where they are talking about a new way to kill kids. He has to try to stop them for the sake of all children in the world.

The story is already very dark for a children’s book, and Roeg doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing how gross the witches look. As the cruel and delightfully evil Grand Hitch, Angelica Huston steals the show. She will do anything to get rid of all children in the world.

The witches’ power is also very scary; for example, they can turn kids into mice. Even though it has some heavy, dark tones, The Witches is mostly an exciting children’s story. Some people might find it a little scary, but it’s a great family movie.

Now You See Me:

The movie “Now You See Me” is about a secret group called the “Eye” that is made up of four magicians who are called the “Four Horsemen.” When they’re not being honest, they steal money from rich individuals and give it to their fans.

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But they get the attention of people from the government. The initial movie came out in 2013, as well as the second one came out in 2016. Yet the marketing team didn’t agree with the name “Now You Don’t,” which was what the director wanted. A third movie with the “Four Horsemen” is now being made.

The Prestige:

There are a few magical and fantasy aspects within the movie “The Prestige.” It’s about two magicians, Alfred Borden and Robert Angier, who hate each other and will do anything to ruin the other’s shows.

Their friendship turned into a fight shortly after Angier’s wife died, and he says Borden is to blame. The film is a fascinating mix of magic, love, as well as betrayal, as it shows how these two foes fight very hard.

The famous David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla, and “The Prestige” has a great cast and a lot of unexpected turns that keep you interested until the very end.

Death Defying Acts:

The famous illusionist Harry Houdini is coming to Edinburgh, Scotland, to put on some exciting shows. He is offering money to any so-called psychic who can tell him what his late mother said in her last moments.

Mary McGarvie, an attractive con artist, takes up the task. She leads Houdini on a risky date that makes him doubt himself even more. The experience will test his limits and make him think about what he believes.

The Escape Artist:

When the famous escape artist Harry Masters dies, his son Danny moves in with cousins who live far away. Daniel is a good magician who wants to become famous, but the mayor’s annoying son gets in the way.

When Danny dares the cops to arrest him, offering a bold escape like his dad’s, things get really tense. As Danny attempts to prove himself, the story gets more and more exciting.

Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries And Mentors Of Ricky Jay:

Ricky Jay’s amazing story as a magician, author, historian, as well as actress is told in Deceptive Practice. His journey began when, as a young child, he learned magic from his grandpa.

During his work, he was influenced by famous magicians such as Al Flosso, Slydini, as well as Cardini. The people who taught him the most were Dai Vernon as well as Charlie Miller. The video shows Jay’s accomplishments and the things that helped him become so talented.

The Mad Magician:

The main character in “The Mad Magician” is portrayed by Vincent Price. Don Gallico is the name of the magician he plays. Don is crazy about what he does. But his boss takes his tricks. Don is angry and plans to get back at them. After killing his boss, he changes his name.

He does more bad things with his magic skills. A police officer is after him. Don does his best to hide, but it’s not easy. In final moments, justice is done, and he is caught. The movie keeps you upon the edge of your seat with surprises and tension. Vincent Price gives a great performance that makes the movie more appealing.