Erykah Badu Seems To Be Saying That Beyonce Copied Her Big Hat Style


Erykah Badu Seems To Be Saying That Beyonce Copied Her Big Hat Style:

Erykah Badu has said that Beyoncé’s crazy Renaissance World Tour clothes are a copy of hers.

Badu, a legendary singer who is renowned for breaking fashion rules, is 52 years old and took to Instagram upon Monday to criticize Beyoncé, 41, for wearing a big metal hat that looked like one Badu wore onstage.

Badu replied to Beyoncé’s post, which shows the famous singer bowing her head while wearing a hat, camouflage boots, and a shiny IV sports shirt.

Badu Shared A Picture Of Beyoncé Wearing A Wide Brimmed Hat At Her Renaissance Concert:

Badu shared a picture of Beyoncé wearing a wide-brimmed hat at her Renaissance show within East Rutherford, New Jersey, upon Saturday, July 29. She did this on Instagram on Sunday, July 30.

“Hmm,” Badu wrote over the photo, and then she posted a photo of herself wearing a similar piece of jewelry. Badu wrote next to the picture, “I guess I’m everybody’s stylist,” which seemed to be a dig at Beyoncé.

Badu Is Also Known For Her Big Hats:

Over the years, Badu has come to be known for his big hats. She is known to wear a tall fascinator both on stage and on the red carpet.

Beyonce, on the other hand, has become known for her sparkling hats and other headpieces over the course of her career. Beyoncé wore a silver cowboy hat and rode a silver horse in promotional photos for her record Renaissance, which went on tour at the same time as the tour.

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This happened after Badu told an audience in Atlanta that she liked John Boyega, who plays Finn in the Star Wars movies.

During a break between songs, the singer started talking about her crush on the London-born actor, who’s currently thirty-one and in the running to play cook Levi Roots in a movie.

Badu told the crowd, “If anyone ever spots John Boyega, inform that n***a I said hi.” She joked, “There are a lot of people in the crowd, so I wanted to say that, because there are sufficient of you for each of you to get the message to the man.”

Fans quickly shot down Badu’s claims on Twitter that he copied other artists. One fan wrote, “Reaching way too far,” and another said, “Of all people, Erykah should know that artists such as Beyoncé have many stylists who put all this stuff together.” When things look alike or like they were inspired by something else, it usually has nothing to do with the artist.”

Saturday’s show was a celebration for Beyoncé because it was the first anniversary of Renaissance, which she launched to be a love letter to house music as well as the Black as well as gay pioneers of the genre.

Beyoncé’s 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy joined her onstage at MetLife Stadium. Both wore sparkly orange sports jerseys.

They both sang Beyoncé’s hit song “My Power.” She praised Blue and told the people in the crowd, “Give it up for Blue Ivy Carter.” Beyoncé also talked about her fans and thanked them for “supporting as well as riding with me for more than twenty-five years,” according to videos upon social media.

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“Every time I get on this stage, I feel so thankful. I’m very grateful. I’m so, so happy that I can still do what I love. It’s because of how loyal you have been.”

Beyoncé’s String Of Concerts Started On May 10 In Stockholm:

Beyoncé’s string of concerts started on May 10 in Stockholm. The North American part of the show includes stops in Houston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco. The show will end on September 27 in New Orleans.

“Some of the poor people I see have better style than a few of the clothes I see. “When I talk about style, I mean being able to find beauty and worth within the things you love,” she said.

“Share your amulets, talismans, best shoes, as well as other favorite things with a stylish person. With a t-shirt, a scarf, your favorite shoe, as well as a skirt, you can make a lot of different things.”