Here Are The 12 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Thanksgiving Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

You can also watch a lot of different movies on Thanksgiving. For example, Planes, Trains, as well as Automobiles is about a man who has to deal with the nightmare travel during the Thanksgiving holiday in order to be with his family.

Have you seen Krisha or Pieces of April? Both revolve around women getting together with family members they haven’t seen in a long time for a big meal. She needs to haveThere’s a scene where a woman brings food for the three guys she’s sleeping with.

So much at stake! Within Brokeback Mountain, Jake Gyllenhaal’s character yells at his bossy father-in-law from across the table. Like I said, there is a lot of drama in Addams Family Values, which shows the uncomfortable truth about the holiday.

Pumpkin, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day movies always get the most attention when it comes to holiday movies. Thanksgiving flicks don’t get as much attention.

That’s too bad, because there was so much fun and excitement! that comes alongside putting your whole family within a room with potatoes and turkey.

From The Vine:

In the moving movie “From the Vine,” directed via Sean Cisterna, Joe Pantoliano plays a depressed business executive who has to make a moral choice that leads him on a trip of self-discovery.

He goes back to Acerenza, his beautiful home town in rural Italy, to find out more about his roots and mend family wounds. Finding his grandfather’s abandoned farm sets off a chain of events that lead to change.

As he works to fix up the farm, he not only brings back to life the town’s dying customs, but he also learns more about his own family history. In the end, he gives Acerenza a better, more stable future while regaining his sense of purpose as well as honesty. You can watch the show here.

Antwone Fisher:

Denzel Washington’s first movie as a director was Antwone Fisher. He also plays in the movie as psychologist Jerome Davenport, who helps a young Navy man called Antwone Fisher.

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They help Fisher get over the painful events of his past as well as discover how to move on. During Thanksgiving dinner, something important happens.


“Scrooged,” directed by Richard Donner as well as starring Bill Murray as Ebenezer Scrooge in the modern world, is a lot more than just a Christmas classic. It’s also a surprisingly good choice for a Thanksgiving movie.

This darkly funny movie hits home as families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a sarcastic take on Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” With the help of three Christmas spirits and a flashy TV network as a background, Cross’s journey of change is a captivating story that tells us to enjoy the holiday spirit and be grateful for the people who make our lives better.

‘Scrooged’ is a great movie to watch for Thanksgiving because it has both funny and heartwarming lessons. It’s a new take upon a traditional holiday theme. This is where you can watch the movie.

Alice’s Restaurant:

In this 1969 movie, Arlo Guthrie plays himself. It’s based on his folk song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.” Guthrie and his friends try to help their hosts out by transporting all the trash to the town dump after Thanksgiving dinner, but they find out that it’s closed for the holiday.

Snow Day:

“Snow Day” is a great movie about getting together with family and friends and having a good time during the holidays. Its sweet plot and funny dialogue make the atmosphere nice and welcoming, which is exactly what the holiday season is all about.

The movie by Chris Koch is about a group of teens in a small town who are looking for a surprise day off from school because of a big snowstorm. As they get into different mishaps to make their snow day last longer, the movie explores themes of friendship, family, and enjoying the magic of the holiday season.

Its silly jokes and touching scenes fit right in with Thanksgiving, showing how important it is to spend time with family and friends. ‘Snow Day’ is a cute choice for Thanksgiving and the holidays because of its silly adventures and snowy setting. This is where you are able to view the show.

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Holiday Inn:

“Holiday Inn” is a beloved favorite that’s perfect for watching on Thanksgiving because it’s about a cozy New England inn that celebrates all the holidays, including a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

Mark Sandrich directed this wonderful show from 1942. Bing Crosby portrays Jim Hardy, Fred Astaire portrays Ted Hanover, as well as Marjorie Reynolds represents Linda Mason.

Two skilled artists fall in love with the same woman, which leads to a touching story of rivalry, forgiveness, and love set to beautifully staged musical numbers.

‘Holiday Inn’ is a great movie to watch on Thanksgiving because it has great acting and timeless songs through Irving Berlin. This is where you can watch the movie.

Free Birds:

After seeing the movie Free Birds, which is about a group of birds trying to change the most famous holiday dish forever, you might look at your roast turkey a little differently.

Still, it’s a good choice for kids who want to watch a Thanksgiving movie. George Takei, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Amy Poehler all do voice work for this cartoon movie that is good for the whole family.

Alabama Moon:

‘Alabama Moon’ is a great Thanksgiving movie choice because it’s about family, strength, as well as the power of community. The movie, which was directed by Tim McCanlies, has a great cast. Jimmy Bennett plays the main character, Moon, a young girl, and John Goodman has a big part.

The story of Moon’s trip starts after his father dies. Along the way, he shows how to be determined, friendly, and grateful by looking for a place to join.

As Moon makes unexpected connections and learns more about what family is really about, the movie’s deep message of coming together and appreciating those who help you through hard times fits perfectly alongside the Thanksgiving spirit, making it an ideal choice for a holiday movie.

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Knives Out:

Even though Knives Out isn’t set upon Thanksgiving Day, the mystery movie came out on Thanksgiving so that the whole family could watch it together.

“This is a film we are putting out on Thanksgiving for families to go see,” Daniel Craig, who plays a rich crime writer whom the movie is about, said at the time.

“You can go have fun or read a message into it.” If the political themes in the movie make people talk about them at Thanksgiving, that’s great.

Funny People:

Adam Sandler plays an actor who used to be a stand-up comedian and has been given the diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. He also says, “First, let’s give thanks to our folks for not being here” at a Thanksgiving party in one scene. It is always easier when there are no family around.

Sweet Home Carolina:

Charley Vaughn directed the touching movie “Sweet Home Carolina,” which is about Diane Berry, played through Heather McComb. Diane, a successful businessman from New York, has to go back to her southern city even though she doesn’t want to because she inherited her grandmother’s house.

She finds out a family mystery that alters her life forever while dealing with Southern charm as well as old flames. Paul Greene, Lexi Giovagnoli, as well as Kiersten Warren are in the group. ‘Sweet Home Carolina’ is a great story about finding yourself and the strong bonds of home and family. It has a great mix of romance, fun, and the charm of small-town life.

Brokeback Mountain:

How is Brokeback Mountain, a love story about two cowboys who meet and fall in love while working together to herd sheep, a Thanksgiving movie? It’s not really, though. On the other hand, Jack and his father-in-law John get angry and fight at the Thanksgiving dinner.