Here Are The 12 Greatest Films Regarding Drugs


Here Are The 12 Greatest Films Regarding Drugs:

There are highs, lows, dreams, and more in movies about drugs. An ordinary car trip turns into a thrilling ride all of a sudden. There are a lot of crazy things going on in high school that shouldn’t be there.

It’s fun to watch movies where teens are high on drugs and drink and having a great time, as long as it doesn’t change us in a bad way. There are a lot of movies that show how hard it is to use drugs, yet there are additionally some fun ones where the main character smokes a joint and rides off into the sunset.

Movies that are based on drugs can be funny, scary, or just plain silly. Even though not all of us ever tried these drugs, movies have shown us the most gory and upsetting pictures of people who are addicted to them. Of course, drugs aren’t always shown in a bad light.

The Legend Of Cocaine Island:

Even though “The Legend of Cocaine Island” is a documentary, it’s just as exciting as a standard movie. This is mostly because it tells an interesting story about Rodney Hyden, a businessman from Florida, and his risky plan to become rich quickly after his company went bankrupt during the 2008 financial crisis.

Hyden goes on a dangerous mission to find a bag of cocaine worth about $2 million that is said to be hidden on the coast of the Caribbean. He didn’t know it, but undercover police sent him a picture of what they said was a stash of cocaine, hoping to catch him.

This documentary paints a clear picture of how desperate people were after the economic collapse as they tried to save their lives. ‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ is a must-see movie because it has both funny and serious parts.


Johnny Depp plays the famous American cocaine dealer George Jung in the exciting true story of Blow. Jung went to jail for selling weed, but as soon as he got out, he began bringing cocaine into the United States from Colombia.

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Jung, played by Depp, is the cool son of a sissy who gets the things and the girls but ends up in jail. It’s tough to dislike the bad guy in this story.

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy:

“Crack: Cocaine, Corruption, and Conspiracy,” directed by Stanley Nelson, is a great drug documentary that shows the 1980s cocaine epidemic in the United States without holding back.

The documentary shows the complicated web of crime, politics, and social factors that led to the crisis through compelling stories, a wide range of interviews, and archive video.

This is a strong exposé that not only shows how horrible crack cocaine is, but also how structural problems made it possible for it to spread. This documentary is an important and eye-opening look at a dark part of American history thanks to Nelson’s careful study and compassionate writing.


This captivating story of love and addiction stars the late Heath Ledger as well as Abbie Cornish, who is also from Australia. The movie is broken up into three parts that show the couple’s affair while they are high on drugs and the pain that follows, involving a terrible loss.

Neil Armfield, the writer and director, says that liking someone while they’re drunk is a recipe for disaster. If you like stories about relationships that end badly, you should check this one out.

Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord:

Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord is a documentary film directed through Eva Müller and Michael Schmitt. It tells the tale of Maximilian Schmidt, who was the model for the TV show How to Sell Drugs Online.

There was a young adult in 2015 who sold drugs worth about 4.1 million euros without ever leaving his house. Maximilian’s international drug business lasted for 14 months. During that time, he used his website,, to alter the drug trade through methods that were hard to imagine.

The video shows Maximilian Schmidt’s story of what happened when he started running the illegal business.

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Human Traffic:

Human Traffic was a wild ride with a lot of well-known UK actors, like Danny Dyer, who is now a soap star and used to be a B-movie star.

The audience is taken into the small world of 5 ravers who go on a pill-popping binge in Cardiff over the weekend. John Simms reads the script.

This rude comedy is in the same style as movies like “Get Out” by Guy Ritchie and “The Leaving Room” by Danny Boyle. These rude movies have become their own genre.


The story of a town within West Virginia where drug abuse and overdoses are epidemic is told in this video. There are ten times as many overdoses as usual in Huntington, and the city is in danger from something that could spread even further, like a wildfire.

Elaine McMillion Sheldon, a filmmaker, shows a different side of the drug war. Three women are on a mission to end the drug loop for good.

This film is important because it shows how brave three women are who are out there making a change without expecting anything within return.

The Panic In Needle Park:

This is a depressing story about a young woman who falls in affection with a drug dealer who lives in New York’s notorious “Needle Park” and doesn’t pay his debts. In his second movie, Al Pacino showed early signs of talent in a tough role that would help him get ready for his famous role in The Godfather.

People who see this movie should not miss it because of the great acting and the documentary style of filmmaking by director Jerry Schatzberg.

The Drug King:

This movie takes place in the city of Busan, South Korea, where Leo Doo-sam is recognized as “The Drug King” and has made a huge fortune through his drug-smuggling business. There are deep roots in the underground where his drug business is based.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t touch him. Public prosecutor Kim In-goo is set on finding him and will try to get in through man’s burning desire to grow.

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There are a few other stars in the movie who also do great work. The lead actor does a great job as his character. The only problem alongside this one is that it gets lost and feels like it’s been stretched out for too long at times.

Maria Full Of Grace:

A pregnant Colombian woman who is 17 years old and has no money signs up to be a drug mule to bring drugs into the United States. In return for money, Maria Lvarez eats a big pack of pills, even though she knows that they could explode inside her at any time.

The situation is very dangerous because her life and the life of the baby are at stake. This nailbiter is really tough, so make sure you can handle it.


The story of “Divines” is about a teen who lives upon the edge of Paris. She agrees to become a drug dealer’s runner because she really wants to succeed and get pleasure right away.

She meets a young dancer who offers her a life full of better and fresh chances, and her life starts to change. This French movie is great, and the stars do a great job.

For example, you will laugh when the actors laugh and cry when they cry because the movie is so true to life. If you like this kind of movie, especially French movies, you have to see it.

Enter The Void:

Enter the Void is a nosy show in which an American drug dealer watches what happens to other people after he dies.

Oscar has an out-of-body experience after being shot through police in Tokyo. He floats on the edge of reality and spins wildly into different places, one of which is a trippy vagina.

The story by Gaspar No is visually appealing and fascinating to watch. Just when you believe things wouldn’t happen to any stranger, they do.