Here Are The 16 Best Paranormal Documentaries You Can Watch Online Right Now


Here Are The 16 Best Paranormal Documentaries You Can Watch Online Right Now:

Skeptics usually think that the paranormal is not real, is just made up, or is fake. Yet the best paranormal films might persuade people who don’t believe in it otherwise. The best part regarding the paranormal field is that it covers a lot of interesting topics. After all, “paranormal” refers to anything that science can’t explain.

There is something for everyone among the best paranormal films that you can watch online right now. Some write very scary stories, while others look at the supernatural in a more realistic way.

Some spooky films, like Alien Worlds, show what life might be like on other worlds, while Haunted is about real people’s experiences alongside ghosts as well as demons.

At least one of these films doesn’t say whether the watcher should believe or not. People who want to be scared or who just want to learn more regarding mysterious forces should watch these movies.

28 Days Haunted:

“28 Days Haunted,” a groundbreaking paranormal documentary on Netflix that stands out among the ghostly offers, will take you on a journey through the supernatural.

The show shows an interesting experiment that famous ghost hunters Lorraine Warren and her husband Ed planned. A cynic, a psychic, as well as a tech fanatic were on each of the three teams that faced a 28-day experience in the supernatural.

What is their job? To look into hauntings in three different places: a famously haunted site, a place that people don’t usually think of as haunted, as well as a historically rich but unknown area.

28 Days Haunted promises an exciting mix of skepticism, psychic insight, and cutting-edge technology, taking viewers on a journey into the strange worlds of the unexplained that has never been seen before.

Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds is one of the most enjoyable weird films on Netflix. It’s a great limited series with beautiful visuals. It takes science ideas and makes them into fictional characters to try to picture how aliens within the universe might really look and act.

The show is driven through a soothing voice-over that takes viewers through wonderfully imagined worlds. For magic fans, this is the right watch. It may also be the perfect mix of science fiction as well as non-fiction.

Alien Worlds made it into the UK Netflix Top Ten the weekend after it came out. The show uses science from Earth to build strange new worlds.


Devillier is in charge of a group of ghost hunters who are looking into where a few strange emails are coming from. They follow the clues to a small Kentucky town called Hellier.

Greg as well as Dana Newkirk go to the small town with their research team. Things get even stranger there. They find out more about the strange creatures that people saw and called “Kentucky goblins.”

The first episode of the season is a little slow to start, but each one gets better as it goes on. It has to deal with strange and scary coincidences. There are a lot of stories about Woodrow Derenberger as well as Indrid Cold in John Keel’s Mothman Prophecies in the second series.

It gets so bad that they talk to Woodrow Derenberger’s family, who say they still talk to Indrid Cold. This movie is great if you want to watch something different from the usual ghost research shows.

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My Encounter With Evil:

“My Encounter with Evil” is a great paranormal video on Netflix because it tells three exciting stories about evil possession and healing.

In its short four episodes, the docuseries looks into the haunting experiences of Florencia, Coni, and Jessica, three Mexican women who are all dealing with their own unique brushes with the supernatural.

The series tells a scary story through a gripping mix of personal interviews, real exorcism video, and reenactments based on the women’s own stories.

“My Encounter with Evil” has a lot of jump scares, so get ready for an exciting ride. It’s a must-see for anyone who likes scary stories about the supernatural.

Unsolved Mysteries:

The new Netflix version of the old show Unsolved Mysteries goes into great detail about mostly real crimes and terrible events, but it also sometimes looks into cases with magical elements, like the “Tsunami Spirits” episode within season two.

This is one of the best spooky movies on Netflix. It has episodes about everything from UFOs to the ghosts of Queen Mary. The show is made up of talks with talking heads that make it easy for viewers to relate to the scary stories upon a personal level.

In contrast to the previous movies, this version doesn’t have a director. There are also reenactments to keep people interested.


In the film Cropsey, the supernatural and real crimes come together. The movie starts with a story from the streets regarding a man who fled from an institution. The Staten Island folklore says that Cropsey takes children from Staten Island and kills them.

In the story, he is strange and seems to live forever. They go into even more detail about the story, talking about the real TB room that they would sneak into to tell their friends the scary story.

The program then changes the subject by showing that the story was based on facts. This is where the story of the real Cropsey, a guy named Andre Rand, is told. This man seemed to be the source of the story on Staten Island.

The video is upsetting and spooky to the bone. It starts off safe, like a documentary about ghosts, as well as the switch that proves it’s real makes it even scarier. That shows Cropsey was not just a scary ghost, but a real monster.

John Was Trying To Contact Aliens:

“John Was Trying To Contact Aliens,” a 16-minute short film directed by Matthew Killip, is about a man who is very interested in wanting to make contact with aliens.

So, it’s mostly about John Shepherd, an electronics expert who spent 30 years sending radio messages into space that were millions of miles away, only to find something far closer to home.

And what makes this documentary stand out from the remainder is that it mostly uses old and surreal video to show how heartwarming the story is.

The UnXplained With William Shatner:

The UnXplained with William Shatner has been on Netflix for four seasons and is thought to be one of the best mysterious films on the service. The UnXplained, which is hosted by the legendary Star Trek actor, follows a number of different supernatural cases in each episode.

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It is the perfect show for people who want to learn about all aspects of the supernatural. The UnXplained tells stories about everything from all the different kinds of American cryptids to strange weather puzzles through a mix of interviews as well as dramatic reenactments.

The show is said to have brought more people to the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, and a new season will start in 2023.

Demon House:

The documentary Demon House was made by Zak Bagans, who is best known for his show Ghost Adventures. He bought a house in Gary, Indiana. Zak and his team look into the house where the Ammons family used to live and where they said they experienced a ghost and demon possession.

This is not a long show of Ghost Adventures; it’s just the story of the Ammons’ haunting with the house as the background. The house has a big effect on the team throughout the movie, which makes it very scary to watch.

The watch isn’t for doubters or people who aren’t used to Zak as well as his antics. Even though he’s sometimes hard to watch, his reporting style can make for some interesting stories.

Surviving Death:

“Surviving Death,” as the name suggests, is a Netflix unique documentary series that goes into great detail about the supernatural things that happen when someone dies.

All of these ideas from reincarnation to mental mediumship to the idea that there is life after death are looked at in this six-part series, which aims to answer the age-old question of what happens after we die.

Based on Leslie Kean’s 2017 book with the same name, which she wrote about ghosts. And the topics covered appear to be really fair because personal stories are included, making it completely complete.

Ancient Apocalypse:

The British author Graham Hancock hosts Ancient Apocalypse, which is one of the best supernatural films upon Netflix right now.

People should not believe everything they see in Ancient Apocalypse because it uses fake historical theory and some controversial ideas to encourage the thought that something is being hidden.

Regardless, the show suggests that there was once a sophisticated society in the Ice Age that had been wiped out by a disaster. However, the few people who lived through it brought farming, building, and science to the new world. When it comes to how real it is, Ancient Apocalypse isn’t that different from Ancient Aliens. It’s still fun to watch.

The Bray Road Beast:

The Bray Road Beast was a video about a creature that looks like a wolf that has been seen in Wisconsin. A local reporter named Linda Godfrey looked into the tales of the werewolf thing and found that it wasn’t just in their neighborhood.

Linda decides to find out more about the story on her own. People who said they had seen the beast said it looked like a statue that was up to seven feet tall. People say that its head is that of a wolf, but its body is human.

The video shows reenactments of these sightings, which put you right in the middle of the nightmare. The people who are being asked really think what they saw originated from nature.

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Their stories are amazing, and their personalities are so interesting that even the most skeptical person will believe them. That place, along with Bray Road in Wisconsin, will really bother you.

Paranormal Investigation:

The French horror documentary “Paranormal Investigation” shows all the scariest parts of the genre, including exorcism, talking to the dead, and ghosts that stay around.

After all, this Franck Phelizon movie is about an experienced ghost hunter who tries to find and talk to the young man’s soul that took over while he was playing Ouija.

The second person only had to ask how they had died for terrible things to happen, starting with a seizure that made him lose control. Some of the reasons this show deserves to be upon this list are its backstories and the shooting themes.

MH370 The Plane That Disappeared:

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is one of the most mysterious real stories. It was the basis for the hit Netflix show Manifest, and one of the best strange films on Netflix is also about it.

The three-part documentary series tells the strange story of Flight 370, a plane with 227 passengers as well as 12 crew members that hasn’t been seen or heard from since it took off 38 minutes ago.

This series is different, though, because each show is about a different idea about what might have happen to the plane. It first aired on March 8, 2023, nine years after the event.

The Mothman Legacy:

It was made by the same company who produced The Bray Road Beast. The Mothman Legacy is about a monster called the Mothman. At the beginning of the story, teens see strange things in the woods near Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The path then goes all the way up, and it was seen many times between 1966 and 1967, when the Point Pleasant Silver Bridge gave way. People who are interested in cryptids often link the two events and say that Mothman was a bad sign.

Another part of the video talks about the most recent reports, which happened in 2019. The Mothman Legacy is the follow-up to The Mothman of Point Pleasant. It has more information about the reports that John Keel talked about in The Mothman Prophecies.

Mothman was one of the most well-known cryptids, second only to Bigfoot. If you like Mothman, this is a great show to watch because it has both cartoons and reenactments. The story was scary as well as interesting, and it adds a lot to what John Keel said.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch:

People have seen some of the weirdest UFOs and ghosts on a 500-acre ranch in the middle of Utah. It’s now the subject of one of the most popular paranormal films on Netflix.

In The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, a small group of scientists look into the strange events happening at Skinwalker Ranch, including the butchering of cows for no reason, the use of ionizing radiation, and reports of seeing UFOs and dire wolves.

There is some cool tech used by the team on the show, like ground-penetrating radar and high-tech drones. It’s true that Skinwalker Ranch was a strange place, with things like highly permeable dirt and a system of underground caves.