Here Are The 16 Finest Action Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 16 Finest Action Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

This year was a big turning point within the MCU. Three movies will provide us the initial Marvel movie with a female star, the movie that will guide us into the next chapter, as well as the movie that will finish up ten years of world-building.

We will soon see the next step within the new DC movie world, which comes after DC’s $1 billion trip to Atlantis. That’s all the superhero stuff.

Some great TV shows and movies from other countries also got missed. These included an entirely novel direction for the Fast & Furious series, the end of the Skywalker story, an additional excellent Terminator movie, and Alita: Battle Angel, which was just plain crazy.

One of the most significant elements of making a good action movie is making sure that the story and scenes fit the main character’s personality, who is usually the films’ main attraction.

It’s important that the scenes are good, but what really matters is being able to set the mood and make it work with the major star’s skills. A lot of the time, franchises force directors to try new things with the story or the way the movie looks.


Kumail Nanijiani’s rise to fame hasn’t been smooth sailing. Before ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘The Big Sick’ made him famous, Kumail Nanjiani fought for almost 15 years to find work.

But his role in “Stuber” makes it clear that he’s here to stay. His Stu, the Uber driver, will long be the most liked, naturally funny, and eminently likable character in niche comedy films.

He teams up with Dave Batista, who played a rogue, angry police officer who pays Stu to catch a heroin dealer who hurt him and made him feel bad.

“Stuber’s formulaic mix of action as well as comedy works because the lead pair is so likeable.” Some funny writing and good direction make the movie better and make it worth watching just once.


This movie based on a comic book about a hitman named Black Kaiser who travels the world looks a lot such as a John Wick clone, right down to the ridiculous world-building and high-speed gunfights.

But the movie’s tone, which is about the Kaiser who is about to stop killing people for a living, is fast-paced and more than a little dirty.

Instead of going for the styled, craft drink look of Wick, director Jonas Åkerlund, who has worked on music videos for Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5, goes for the loud, tasteless chaos of the Crank series.

Some of the provocations don’t work. For example, the first scene where Johnny Knoxville is killed in the middle of a blowjob is likely to turn off sensitive viewers, yet Mikkelsen provides a moving, emotional performance.

Mikkelsen keeps the movie grounded and, in the end, makes it worth watching despite its flaws, whether he’s teaching kids how to gut an enemy or ducking bullets while naked during a siege of a log house.

Cold Pursuit:

Hans Petter Moland, a Norwegian director, remade his own 2014 movie Kraftidioten with Liam Neeson in the lead role instead of Stellan Skarsgård. The result is a payback actioner set in the snow that is funnier than you might think.

Cold Pursuit isn’t exactly deep reading. It’s regarding a young man who is killed by a drug lord’s goons and the horrible things that happen afterward.

Our state’s Citizen of the Year, Nels Coxman Kehoe, has an adult son named that young man. There is only one snowplow driver in the small Rocky Mountain town of Kehoe. His name is Nels.

Since Nels’s son is dead and no one can explain what happened, he starts sending guards up the ladder one by one within the hopes of reaching the man who calls himself “Viking.”

But some confusion causes Viking as well as a rival Native American drug group to go to war. Many people die in the movie, and it’s terribly funny how it keeps track of them all. This movie is a self-aware, freezing cold romp with comical bad guys, extreme violence, and gory humor.

Zombieland: Double Tap:

Finally, the zombie killers from Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, as well as Little Rock leave the comforts of the White House to go to Graceland in Memphis, which is another place that has a lot of meaning to them.

Along the way, they meet more post-apocalyptic fighters in a similar situation and a group of people who have found safety in a community. Instead of simpletons, the fighters now have to deal with better, faster, and earlier opponents, which makes their job harder.

A lot of individuals hold different opinions about the second “Zombieland” movie. Following the successful and famous first movie, “Double Tap” continues the good-natured four’s journey into the vast North, where bloodthirsty zombies cover every surface.

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The main characters are played by the same actors from the first movie, and the addition of more attackers is a good sign for the movie. Most of the time, the waves of laughs are hit or miss, but the better action is what really makes the movie fun to watch.

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil:

One of the easy, clear plots of the Korean crime drama The Gangster, The Cop, as well as The Devil will let you know right away if you’re in or out.

As the title suggests, the story is about a thug and a police officer who work together to catch a serial killer known only as K, even though they normally don’t trust each other and are already angry at each other. He’s not quite the devil, yet he’s pretty close.

K chooses his victims through getting into small car crashes with them, bumping into their cars, and then cutting them when they obtain out to look at the damage.

That’s how The Gangster, The Cop, as well as The Devil will feel to people who have read Thomas Harris books or seen Michael Mann movies. Some parts of the plot are too predictable, with stock characters and overused problems, but Ma Dong-seok, who plays the heavy, does a great job with the part.

Alita: Battle Angel:

Around the middle of the Robert Rodriguez manga version of Alita: Battle Angel, McTeague, a tough warrior played by Rodriguez graduate Jeff Fahey, is presented as the loving leader of a pack of cyborg dogs.

At this very moment, Alita: Battle Angel went from being “a curious, satisfyingly atypical experiment” to “a cult classic that this generation will not love yet future generations will eat up such as delicious genre soup.”

Rodriguez has a vision that is purposely strange and genuinely sincere, like a wise old warrior who loves his good robot dogs. No joke, Rosa Salazar gives an amazing performance as the main character, a robot with big eyes and a big heart. She should win an Oscar for her work.

Salazar pulls off the strange CGI choice by using the fact that her eyes can absorb more light as a guide for her performance. She leans forward because she wants to understand what’s going on in front of her and help in any way she can, even if it hurts.

I was shocked by her acting, and Rodriguez’s direction of the movie scared me even more when she started doing some cool robo-action scenes. Surprisingly, these scenes are very violent, with fights that feel real instead of the sometimes brief nature of sci-fi laser fights.

The great director of photography Bill Pope made them crystal clear and smooth to reach, and they crunch. Alita: Battle Angel’s script gets too caught up in series setups and small details at times, but the movie’s heart-on-sleeve gonzo fun is too big-eyed to ignore.


This beautiful work by Zhang Yimou is a fierce and well-thought-out critique of ancient China’s privileged society. The movie is mostly about the mysterious and unknown parts that “shadows,” who are loyal servants of lords and kings, play in keeping their masters alive.

But shadows lived their lives, not as their own, and then disappeared without a trace. They were never seen again. The movie goes within the right direction thanks to Deng Chao’s performance as both Commander Ziyu as well as his shadow. It’s also a great character study.

Zhang put a lot of work into recreating China’s traditional culture, and it pays off in a big way by making the movie feel real and unique. Most of the energy can be found when Madam as well as the shadow are alone or when it is quiet.

Zhang’s camera draws a dark and eerie picture, just like an artist’s brush. It reflects the mood of doubt and hatred that continued in the war between rival countries.

As a pair, Chao and Sun Li present one of the most memorable shows this year. They are both deeply moving and beautifully wild. The building tension of the climax builds up over time to a proper ending, completing a visually stunning as well as genre-defining period drama.

Terminator: Dark Fate:

All of the Terminator movies after T2 have felt weighed down by the series’ end-of-the-world themes, especially the predictable time-loop plot twists. Terminator: Dark Fate, the most recent attempt to bring the brand back to life, is no different.

The movie has some of the exact same problems to be other recent Terminator movies, even though it brought back James Cameron as a producer, got rid of the story problems from the non-T2 films, and brought back Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor.

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Still, the middle part of the movie, which follows a race across the border that ends with Schwarzenegger’s old robot, works well as a scary science fiction tale with real-life meanings and well-earned drama.

There is a lot of carnage and CG chaos in the last few minutes of Terminator: Dark Fate, but it starts a new path forward with confidence that has been missing within many other recent high-profile reboots this century.

Extreme Job:

I really enjoy this movie a lot. Extreme Job is without a doubt one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. It’s part goofy group comedy, part cop thriller, as well as finally, one heck of a fun action movie.

Seung-ryong Ryu plays Captain Ko, the boss of a group of misfit undercover cops who just can’t seem to get the job done right. They go underground at a fried chicken shop as a last chance to prove themselves. The chicken business is so busy that they almost forget regarding their real jobs.

Extreme Job is a great movie to go to the theater because it has a great ensemble cast playing likeable weird characters. It’s an energetic as well as exuberant crime comedy that will have you smiling the whole time, from the chatter and silly pranks to the best fight scene of the decade.

Fast And Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw:

A bad MI6 agent eats the only known example of the CT-17 virus, which is a customizable bioweapon of biblical proportions known as “Snowflake.” The CIA hires Hobbs, a DSS servant, to work with Shaw, a special agent in London.

Even though they hate each other very much and have had disagreements in the past, they have to work together to find the bad guy, get the virus, as well as save the world. Brixton, a former secret service agent who has been changed by Eteon into a superhuman form, is in their way and will stop at nothing.

Sense a pattern? Since it is. The newest movie in the series was made to go with its led gems, which go perfectly together. When Ryan Reynolds is added, the movie turns into a popcorn story that is smart, exciting, and fun to watch again and again.

Dragged Across Concrete:

The catchy title of this provocative and sometimes slow cop story could be a welcome mat or a warning sign, based on how well you can handle harsh language, shocking violence, and the appearance of controversial star Mel Gibson on screen.

Gibson plays Officer Brett Ridgeman with a worn-out stillness and a hurt sense of pride. Ridgeman is a racist police officer who is fired after being caught on video using too much force at work.

Ridgeman as well as his younger partner Lurasetti are short on cash and want to make a big score, so they plan to steal money from a group of bank thieves. One of the robbers is a criminal who just got out of jail and wants to make things better for his family.

The plot is familiar, based on similar heists from noir movies and crime books, yet Zahler’s staging of the major scenes, like the long gun fight near the end, may be gripping, and his writing, especially in the long stake-out scenes, can be enjoyable to listen to.

Even though Dragged Across Concrete isn’t as strong as his last album with Vaughn, Brawl in Cell Block 99, it’s clear that the artist wanted to try new things and was ready to test his fans’ patience.

Avengers: Endgame:

It’s not really fair to call Avengers: Endgame just an action movie because it’s additionally a superhero time-travel heist movie with a good amount of comedy, sci-fi, and tragedy. But there’s no denying that Marvel’s huge end to the Infinity Saga has some of the biggest action scenes of 2019, and maybe even all time.

There’s really no disagreement about the last third of the movie it’s just one long fight between Thanos’s bad forces and every single MCU hero you can think of, most of whom had just come back from the dead.

Endgame’s action is sure to make every viewing feel like a rock concert, whether you’re within the theater or sitting on the couch by yourself. Alan Silvestri’s score will make you want to run via brick walls, Captain America will use a magical hammer, and Iron Man will make his last stand.

Spider-Man: Far From Home:

The new Spider-Man movies seem to have done great things for the main character. He has not only kept his individual status as a savior, but he is also now an important member of the Avengers team.

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It looks like people liked Tom Holland’s boyish charm and very weird comedic style. Another great turn in “Far From Home” adds to the good reaction. One of the greatest shocking turns in the history of comic book movies makes sure that the upcoming film lives up to the series’ reputation.

Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is a sad hero from another galaxy who vows to defend Earth from an upcoming attack led by the Elementals, a group of monsters from Earth’s core who want to take over the world for themselves.

When people find out who he really is, the joy about his coming quickly turns into dread and rage. The plot is not only full of smart writing and turns, but it’s also very funny and shows how good characters grow. ‘Far From Home’ might be the best movie within the series, which isn’t really a lie.


As a late-career terrorism movie, this interesting and frustrating one is pushed and eventually wrecked by Brian De Palma’s love of the gross.

As Christian, a cop in Copenhagen who gets caught up in a web of lies set up by an annoying CIA agent, Coster-Waldau, who plays the part of Christian, brings a bit of shady charm and a lot of worn-out despair to the part. Christian mostly wants to get back at van Houten for killing his partner, who was having an affair with a different police officer.

Even though Domino is sometimes disorganized and stupid, it’s worth seeing for a few crazily staged and expertly shot tension scenes, such as a shocking murder that leads to a rooftop chase as well as a confusing set piece with a drone and a bullfight.

And even though it might be broken, the movie looks better than most of the big summer movies coming out this summer.

John Wick 3: Parabellum:

First John Wick made him famous as an action star, and then John Wick: Chapter 2 showed what he could really do. Now, John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum is merely demonstrating up. The movie is basically a thank you to everyone else trying to do real action right now. It stars the always great Keanu Reeves to be the title character, a super-assassin.

You’ve seen police chases via the city, yet have you observed a man on a horse race through Brooklyn? That old saying goes that you should never work with animals, yet what if this movie taught attack dogs to be within the best animal action scene ever?

In order to be the perfect action hero, the third John Wick pretty much breaks the rules one bullet at a time, sending Reeves via glass cabinet shortly after glass cabinet. The third John Wick movie could be the one that changes things for him.

The Kid Who Would Be King:

Why did not more people observe The Kid Who Would Be King? It was the best family movie of 2019. Joe Cornish’s follow-up to his great horror movie Attack the Block was a real disappointment at the box office.

It cost 20th Century Fox a lot of money right before Disney bought the company outright, which is not an excellent look in front of your current bosses. So, I tell everyone who hasn’t seen this movie: watch it. Its updated and smart version of the King Arthur story will bring out the joyful side within every child, both in real life and in their minds.

The Kid Who Would Be King has an interest in three things, just like the other great British family movie from 2010, Paddington 2. One: Making you laugh until you cry.

Two: Discussing in a quiet, sharp, and straightforward way that love and friendship will always win over hate and separation in these difficult times. Three: Making you feel very good about yourself.

As luck would have it, it totally works upon all three fronts! Cornish is still a great director of young actors, and all of the kids in the movie give believable, silly, and charming performances of being young. But don’t be fooled by the dark, complicated lives that every present-tense child also has.

I want to provide a special shout-out to Angus Imrie, who acts Young Merlin like a fish out of water and doesn’t care about himself at all. It’s one of the funniest acts of 2019, especially the way he makes his magic real.

In The Kid Who Would Be King’s third act, there is a fight for humanity that stands out from the many other big third-act fights for humanity by showing moments of real humanity among the carefully planned violence.