Jane Curtin, A Star Of Saturday Night Live, Says That She Didn’t Laugh When She Watched Old Sketches


Jane Curtin, A Star Of Saturday Night Live, Says That She Didn’t Laugh When She Watched Old Sketches:

Sometimes, comedy gets better with time, like a good wine. but sometimes it tastes like bad milk. The first sketches Jane Curtin saw on Saturday Night Live did a little bit of both.

The actor, who was a member of the original cast members of SNL, tells  that she and her family recently watched the show again and were surprised by how little laughter there was.

The actress, who became one of the first people to work on “Saturday Night Live,” talks about what it was like to watch the show again 40 years after it first aired. Some things get better as they get older.

The New Movie About Jules Will Be Called “Jules”:

But actor Jane Curtin says that the initial few seasons of Saturday Night Live, where she was one of the original cast members, did not.

Curtin, who is in the movie Jules right now, told an exclusive interviewer that she and her family tried to watch the early seasons of the late-night comedy sketch show and were surprised by how not funny it was.

“A few years ago, we were sent a video compilation of the first five years of Saturday Night Live, and I also gave a single to my daughter,” she says.

Curtin Said That Not A Single Laugh Or Giggle Was Heard:

“At Christmas, we went to see her daughter, and her husband asked, “Have you ever seen any of these? And I said, “God, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them.”

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Curtin goes on, “He asked, “Is it okay if we watch one?” I said, “No, that’s great! Choose one!’ So we sat around the TV, and both of us had that open-mouthed grin that people get when they are waiting for something they know will prove to be really great.

And it did not happen. Not at all funny. It wasn’t funny at all. There wasn’t even a single laugh or giggle.

Curtin Was One Of The “Not Ready For Prime Time” Players In The Show’s First Episode In 1975:

Curtin was one of the Not Ready for Prime Time Players when the show started in 1975. She was on the show with other comedians like Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Garrett Morris, Laraine Newman, as well as Gilda Radner.

The comedy show created by Lorne Michaels gained a cult following quickly and is now in its 48th season as a popular hit.

Curtin isn’t putting down the beginnings of the late-night comedy show, and she even said that some of the bits are still as funny as ever.

She talked about one of Aykroyd’s most famous moments by saying, “See the bassomatic I continue to believe it’s funny.”

She also said that Steve Martin, Buck Henry, as well as Richard Benjamin, three of the show’s previous hosts who had done the job well, were great.

But When Curtin Watched It Again, She Said, “That Was Not An Excellent Show It Was Terrible.”:

Curtin said, “First of all, to be an effective host, you had to be extremely intelligent, and the people who continued to come back got the concept and the fun of it.” “Even though it looks like chaos, there was order to it.”

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She says, “I think it was only one of those things where you enjoyed to be there at the time.” This is how live TV and TV about current events work.

After a while, it seems old. Don’t forget that this happened almost fifty years ago. But when we watched it again, I thought, Wow, that wasn’t a great show. It was awful!

Curtin says that she still finds some sketches funny, like a few of Dan Aykroyd’s most well-known. “See the bassomatic I continue to believe it’s amusing,” she says.

Curtin Was Surprised By How Well These Sketches Did:

But Curtin wasn’t expecting that sketches like “The Coneheads,” in which she was member of an alien family trying to fit in on earth, were such big hits. The sketch, which originally aired in 1976, was turned into a full-length movie in 1993.

She also remembers some of her favorite visitor hosts with fondness. “Some people, such as Dick Benjamin, Buck Henry, as well as Steve Martin, really got it.

First of all, you had been very smart in order to be good host, as well as the people who kept coming back understood what was going on and what was fun about it.

Curtin said, “I believe it was one of those things where you had wanted to be there at the time.” “That’s what happens when you watch live TV or TV about current events. After a while, it seems old.

Don’t forget that this happened almost 50 years back. But when we watched it again, I thought, “Wow, that wasn’t a great show.” It was awful!””

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Curtin Stated There Was A Plan You Had To Stick To In Terms Of Time And Getting From A To B:

“There was a plan you had to follow for the duration of getting from point A to point B, but some hosts didn’t get it because they were from different places.

Walter Matthau is someone I remember. He just came from a completely distinct place. Two days before the show, we were practicing, and he asked, “Why is not anyone getting fun around here?”