Lizzo Is Being Sued By Another Former Employee Who Says She Was Bullied And Sexually Harassed By Lizzo


Lizzo Is Being Sued By Another Former Employee Who Says She Was Bullied And Sexually Harassed By Lizzo:

Another former employee is suing the singer Lizzo, saying she was bullied and sexually and racially harassed in a “unsafe, sexually charged workplace culture” Asha Daniels, a 35-year-old fashion designer, made clothes for dancers on Lizzo’s tour.

On Thursday, her lawyers filed a case within Los Angeles Superior Court against the singer as well as other members of her team, including Amanda Nomura, who is in charge of the outfit.

Lizzo’s production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc., as well as her tour manager, Carlina Gugliotta, are also named in the lawsuit.

In the case, Daniels says that her time on tour caused her a lot of mental stress, worry, suffering and pain, physical injuries, as well as sickness. She wants an unspecified amount of damages.

Within the suit, Daniels said that Amanda Nomura, who was Lizzo’s clothing manager, had bullied and harassed her. Men would reportedly “lewdly gawk” at the artists when Nomura made them change in front of them.

She was additionally accused of putting on black woman accents in front of the artists and calling black women “fat,” “useless,” as well as “dumb.”

In August, Lizzo Refuted The Claims In A Statement:

A little over a month ago, several of Lizzo’s tour dancers launched a lawsuit against the singer, claiming her of sexual abuse and making fun of their weight in multiple events from 2021 to 2023. The case was filed on Thursday.

In an August statement, Lizzo rejected the claims, saying, “These sensationalized stories come from former employees who have already admitted in public that they were told their behavior upon tour was inappropriate as well as unprofessional.”

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“Lizzo is getting a Humanitarian Award tonight from the Black Music Action Coalition for all the great work she has done to help people,” Stefan Friedman said.

“An ambulance-chasing lawyer is trying to ruin this honor by getting someone to file a fake, ridiculous lawsuit for attention who has never even met or talked to Lizzo.”

Nomura Is Accused In The New Lawsuit Of Calling The Artists “Fat,” “Useless,” And “Dumb”:

The new claim, which was looked at, said that   Nomura called the artists “fat,” “useless,” and “dumb” and made them change in front of mostly white male stage crew members who “lewdly gawked” at them, according to NBC.

On Thursday, the Black Music Action Coalition will give Lizzo the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award.

The group that gave the award said that Lizzo and the other winner, Sylvia Rhone, were “pioneers who have had a huge impact in the music industry as well as beyond.” Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton will be the awards dinner.

The lawsuit says that when Lizzo’s tour stopped in Amsterdam, Daniels saw Nomura and other managers “talking about hiring sex workers for lewd acts, going to sex shows, and buying hard drugs.” Daniels also says that she was forced to take part in these activities.

Daniels Also Says That He Had To Work 20-Hour Shifts Every Day, Which Was Very Hard On Him:

“Plaintiff looked forward to working alongside Lizzo as well as her team due to the values Lizzo portrays within public,” Daniels’ claim says. The outfit artist was looking for a “healthy, diverse environment where women are respected and have power.”

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Daniels also says that he had to work 20-hour shifts every day, which was very hard on him. She also said that Nomura “often didn’t let her take breaks” and “monitored and policed” the team members she was in charge of.

The claim also says that Nomura hurt Daniels’ ankle while she moved a clothes rack. When Daniels switched to orthopedic shoes, the Hollywood Reporter says that Nomura forced her to switch back to her tennis shoes.

Plaintiff Claims To Have Been Humiliated, Forced To Do Physical Work, Denied Medical Care, And Sexually Harassed In The Following Ways:

“Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. Plaintiff thinks that Lizzo’s management let her go through humiliation, forced labor, not getting medical care, sexual harassment, as well as racial abuse without doing anything about it because she is a black woman.

According to the lawsuit, Daniels told the tour manager, Carlina Gugliotta, who is additionally listed as a defendant, in February about the “widespread racial and sexual harassment” in which “black dancers were being mocked, objectified, as well as denied accommodations.”

Daniels Says, Though, That Her Complaints Were Ignored And She Was Fired Before Her Contract Was Up:

Zambrano, who additionally represents the dancers, told Fox News Digital at the time, “It’s shocking how Lizzo as well as her management team treated their performers.

It seems to go against everything Lizzo says she stands for in public, while privately she shames her dancers for their weight and demeans them in ways that are not only illegal but also very demoralizing.”

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“These ex-employees who have already admitted in public that they had been told their behavior upon tour was inappropriate as well as unprofessional are telling these blown-up stories,” she wrote.

“When you love something, you work hard and have high standards. Sometimes I’m forced to make tough choices, but I never want to make anybody feel bad or like they’re not a vital component of the team.