The $10 Million Opening Of Talk To Me Is A Big Deal


The $10 Million Opening Of Talk To Me Is A Big Deal:

Directors with new faces After their first movie, Talk to Me, came out, Danny as well as Michael Philippou did very well at the box office. This independent horror film not only did better than expected at the box office, but it is now also A24’s second-biggest movie launch.

Talk to Me made more than $10 million in its first week in the United States and got an average score of 82% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

Talk To Me Is The Second Best Movie For A24’s After Hereditary Came Within 2018:

Deadline says that Talk To Me is A24’s best first movie since Hereditary in 2018, generating $3.5 million more. It was sixth at the box office in the United States over the weekend.

The Philippou Brothers, additionally referred to as RackaRacka, are a couple of Australian online content makers who are known for their popular pranks and visual effects. Their first film, Talk to Me, is their first movie.

This independent horror movie was first shown at the Adelaide Film Festival prior to it was shown for the first time to the rest of the world at Sundance. Since then, many companies, such as DC and Marvel, have tried to get in touch with the two directors.

In April, it came out that these makers won’t just be making scary movies. Legendary Entertainment and the Philippou Brothers talked about the Philippou Brothers possibly directing a Street Fighter movie.

It was said that the two directors got a “low to mid seven figure deal,” but it’s still not clear if they took the job.

Within These Movie A Group Is Using A Preserved Hand To Talk To The Dead People And Spirits:

Talk to Me is an independent horror movie regarding a group of teens who use a preserved hand to talk to the dead. The film was bought by A24 after its debut at Sundance, and it is currently the highest-rated horror movie of 2023.

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“There are traits that are there if you go back and watch the movie again and really look at what’s going on in every scene. I am anxious for someone to take it apart, find each piece, and put it back together again. Everything has a purpose.

He also said that Mia’s death was always a possibility, saying, “Mia’s death was constantly the ending we wanted I came up with it on the initial script. During the making of the movie, a lot changed, but that always stayed the same.”

Talk To Me Came Last Month And The Reviewers Gave 95% Grade Upon Rotten Tomatoes:

Talk to Me came out last month, and reviewers gave the movie a 95% Fresh grade on Rotten Tomatoes before it came out.

Digital Spy gave the movie four stars and said, “Talk to Me has been meticulously created to scare the crap out of you and stay with you lengthy after the movie is over.” This isn’t fun for the whole family.”

This lively first movie from Australian twins Danny as well as Michael Philippou has the dark colors of It Comes at Night, the curses for teens from Ringu, and the evil invasions from The Evil Dead.

A sharp mix of psychological reality, potent topicality, as well as phantasmagorical invention creates a smart, fun horror movie that packs a powerful punch without falling back on quiet, quiet, LOUD jump-scare cliches.

An unexpectedly pointed start to a party and a disturbing run-in with a dead kangaroo on the road set the stage for what’s to come.

Mia, who is 17, has stayed away from her father since her mother died too soon two years ago. Instead, she hangs out at the house of her closest companion Jade, who lives alongside her mom Sue as well as younger brother Riley.

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When a Snapchat video of school friends via a creepy ceramic hand to summon evil spirits goes popular, Mia wants to join in. She wants to hold the haunted limb, say the enchanted phrases “Talk to me” and “I let you in,” and be possessed by a dead soul, even if only for a minute.

Mia Wants To Try So She Ignores Jade’s Complaints:

Mia loves this thrill so much that it takes her out of the present moment and briefly makes her forget about her sadness. Riley, who is also young, wants to try it, but Jade says no. Mia ignores Jade’s complaints, which turns out to be a bad idea.

Mia lets Riley remain under the spell for too long because she thinks she hears the voice from her dead mother. This sets off a self-destructive force that will drag them all to hell.

There Are Some Rules To Play These Game:

There are some rules for how this dance alongside death may be done “safely,” as well as in a fun scene that mixes drinking and protective play, we see how much fun this may be for Mia, her companions, as well as the hand’s present owners, Hayley as well as Joss.

But everything changes when one of the ghosts that takes over young Riley turns out to be Mia’s mother, who killed herself two years ago. Or at least that’s what the spirit says.

After Mia Talk To A Spirit For To Long The Spirit Try To Kill Riley:

Mia, who is scared, makes this one conversation with the dead go on for too long. This puts Riley in a coma and gives him many cuts on his head, which the spirit did to try to kill Riley’s soul and take full control of his body.

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In Talk to Me, there are a lot of old tricks with monster eyes and physical shocks that will make you shiver and scream.

But underneath the scary surface, there are darker forces at work, which remind me of real-life videos of kids filming one another having bad drug trips and then sharing them online.

Like Bill Gunn’s “black vampire” cult favorite Ganja & Hess, which came out in 1973, the mysterious parts of Talk to Me may be its primary selling point, yet the realistic parts are what really get you.

The Philippous Filmmakers Are More Keen On Telling A Story Regarding Anxious Young People:

Even though the movie has magical elements, the Philippous filmmakers are more keen on telling a story regarding anxious young people who try dangerously illegal practices to get “out of their heads.” So, the title of the movie sounds rather than a spell and more like a call for help.

After making a name for themselves with their DIY action/comedy/horror YouTube channel RackaRacka, the Philippous move easily to the feature film format, keeping the chaotic energy of their early online work while enjoying the more complex plots of character-driven drama.

The photographer Aaron McLisky, who made the praised short films Nursery Rhymes as well as Kilter and gives Talk to Me an eerie mix of calm sliding and screaming horror, deserves praise.

When I See Bloody Hands Being Washed Lady Macbeth’s Guilty Ghost Comes To My Mind:

Lady Macbeth’s guilty ghost comes to mind when I see bloody hands being washed, and when I see fresh blood being sucked off of a concrete floor, I remember a shocking scene from Guillermo del Toro’s first feature film, Cronos.

But despite all the nods to other genres, this is still very much a standalone movie, one that isn’t afraid of speaking to its main audience, even if it makes them feel scared.