‘Lightyear’ is playing in theaters, and Pixar has the enemy at home: we prefer to wait for the streaming premiere on Disney +


Pixar, one of the most successful studios in Hollywood (and owned, in turn, by that money-making machine that is the Disney factory) recently premiered a new production, ‘Lightyear’, a spin-off of its highest-grossing saga (‘Toy Story’). Oh, and I forgot to mention that the movie is ‘starring’ the voice of Chris Evansalthough not everyone sees that as a positive point.

So said, It would seem that he had everything in his face to reap a new blockbuster with this premiere. However, sometimes the obvious is not so obvious and well-laid plans go off the rails: in the United States it has raised only 51 million dollars compared to the minimum of 70 expected by its producer.

If we add to that the low figure of 34.6 million that the film has grossed in the rest of the world (a fact to which the denial that it could be released in 14 Asian countries has contributed) we obtain a provisional figure of 85.6 million dollars… far from its cost of around 210 million dollars (200 filming and 10 promotion).

Undoubtedly, ‘Lightyear’ has been penalized by its own mistakes (many consider that its creative quality is below other recent releases of the company) and by the successes of others (it was released at the same time as ‘Jurassic World 3’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, which have played the nostalgia card much better… and next week he will have to compete with a powerful direct rival such as the new installment of ‘Minions’).

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But this flop of a Disney movie is also consequence of the success of the company. Or, rather, from its streaming platform, Disney +. And it is that, in recent times, Disney has spoiled Pixar fans…

…driven by the problems arising from the pandemic, ‘Lightyear’ has been the first Pixar film in two years to land in theaters, after having premiered directly in streaming three titles like ‘Luca’, ‘Red’ and ‘Soul’ (the latter, winner of two Oscars). The creators of the tapes were not very happy about the decision, but it helped the fans to convince yourself that watching a premiere sitting on the couch at home is an equally enjoyable experience.

A month ago, Disney announced that its streaming service had already reached 137.7 million subscribers worldwide: eight of them have joined the platform in the last five months

On the other hand, Disney has also been reducing the wait between the premiere in theaters and on Disney + of his films, even those that have been box office successes, as has happened with the recent ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. And that is not a practice unique to DisneyOf course: HBO Max has done the same with blockbusters like ‘Dune’ and ‘The Batman’.

The point is that all of this has led to many fans are doing without, more and more, going to the cinema, and remain waiting for the premiere on platforms. A quick query to Google Trends, the service that indicates search trends for certain terms on Google, shows that since its premiere, searches for ‘Lighyear’ and ‘Disney Plus’ have skyrocketed:



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